Valentine’s Day | Outfit Ideas under 25€

Hi everyone! Did you read my Why Celebrate VD? If not, start there and then come back here! I decided I was going to do a full week dedicated to Valentine’s Day because I love it and wanted to share a few ideas with you! So today I’m sharing a few items I love for a date night and the best part is they’re all UNDER 25€! How mad is that? With no further ado, here are the items all from H&M!

This is a very simple top but the detail of the lace around the chest makes it look so romantic. I love it as a more casual outfit and I would pair it with pants.

I absolutely love this one! I find it beautiful on its own and I don’t think you’d need anything else too dressy. Just some formal pants and you’re good to go!

I think this one is my favourite! I find it so beautiful and romantic and I love the embroidery!

Now, this one you could go for the whole outfit but I just love the top. It’s so feminine and powerful!

I’d go for it if I felt like wearing a dressy skirt or some high-waisted jeans. I imagine wearing this with a top bun on your hair and a long jacket.

I chose this option too because I love it for being so casual. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like dressing up as much, so I would pair this with a denim A-line skirt or dressy pants.

This skirt is a very basic one, but I love how different it looks from the front. Also, can we talk about this *oh-em-gee* price?

A denim A-line skirt goes long ways! You can pair this one with a casual yet exaggerated top and you’ll create the perfect balance! Not too much and not too *sweaty-pants*.

This is for the romantic ones! This absolutely beautiful skirt would be wonderful with a more simple top. The design and shape are the only thing you want your bae’s eyes on!

I am also in love with this long skirt. It feels so romantic (I really cannot find another word to describe these items, ok?) I would wear a simple top like this one.

I found these pants to go along with almost anything I’ve chosen to wear as a top. They are shiny and cheap.But if you don’t like them shiny, have a look on the next pair.

Simple yet dressy. I love this shape and, again, these would look great with almost any top.

I had to choose some of these too! Look at this playsuit! I have no words.

Here’s another one, but in black! I feel like some people prefer wearing black on dates, so I chose this one but really, look at the colourful ones! Aren’t they as amazing?

I feel like I would go Salsa dancing with this playsuit! It looks so flowery and fresh and exotic. What’s not to love?

This last one is more simple but I love this deep blue colour. And the ruffles look perfect for a date! Again, this price!

Of course I had to include some lingerie! Valentine’s Day equals lingerie! Well, not necessarily, but in my world, it does! This strappy black lace bra is dying to get in your closet! I feel like you can’t go wrong with black!

But I also love red! So I had to include red. And the detail on the back, I mean, it has VD written all over it!

For the ones that love to be more subtle, I chose this baby pink, which I’m also in love with! It’s so pure that it gets naughty! – I really am embracing this VD spirit, right?

The pièce de résistance is this beautifully astonishing body. I mean, how much more could this scream VD? I don’t know about you, but I gotta have it!

And if your boyfriend is a geek like mine, maybe all you need is this! Honestly, I think this pyjama could be the best VD outfit ever!

And this is it! I’ve chosen my favourite items from H&M promotions just for you! I mean, how could resist this with these amazing prices? It’s difficult not to buy them all! Let me know if you have any other ideas for Valentine’s or if you just saw the outfit you must buy here on my list! I have to run now, my cart at H&M is waiting for me!

Happy outfits, catreaders!

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