Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! How are you spending this beautiful day?

I wanted to pop by to wish you all an amazing and warm Easter, hopefully spent with your loved ones! Have fun and I’ll see you tomorrow! x


The table – I reused the bunnies I had shown you before


I really love this egg tree


My Easter nails



Happy Easter Day, catreaders!


Easter Treats!

Hello, beauties! We’re so close to Easter, I can smell it! And talking about smelling something sweet, today I decided I’d show you my favourite Easter treats!

I have 3 options today!


link here


link here

I chose these two because they are extremely easy to make and with just a few ingredients! When I’m stressed I can’t be bothered with difficult and long recipes, I want to whip up something in under an hour – or at least something that has the least ingredients possible so I don’t overstretch my budget. Check them both (links under the photos) and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how simple & quick they both are!

And for my third option, I decided to try baking them myself! I have to say though, they are not the best looking things, but it was my first attempt to make these and they really were quick to make!


You’ll need 250gr of coconut shreds, 3 eggs whites, 1tbsp of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Mix them all together using a whisk or a fork. You’ll need to see these lumps – the coconut needs to be sticking together.


Put the mixture into the molds. Put them in the oven for 30 minutes at 145°. Let them sit for 10 minutes and then melt a bar of white chocolate and fill the little nests like. The chocolate will be used as glue to stick the eggs. I used M&Ms, but it would look much better if you use easter looking ones.


There you have it! Do you like them? They didn’t turn out great, but maybe you’ll be better than me!

Happy baking, catreaders!

Easter Table Decor

Hi, bunnies! Aren’t you super excited for Easter? Oh my! I so am! Yesterday we talked about beauty and today we’ll continue hot & pretty at the table! Yes, that’s right! Let’s talk about table art!

I love a good table. I feel like it’s such a big statement when you impress your family and friends with a beautiful table. What I love are huge bouquets of flowers in the centre and elegance all around them. Whites and silver or gold make me! The following images are my top 3 picks!


link here

This first one is very simple and sleek. I love the white flowers in the middle, even if they’re not a big statement, they still add something to the table. And the baby blue plates are beautiful! I love the unordinary shape and colour!


link here

Can we please focus on this beautiful centrepiece? It screams Spring, Easter, family, chocolate eggs, all at once! Still very simple and elegant, but with more pops of colour! Still very simple and light colours, just perfect for Easter Day!


link here

I have to say this is my favourite of all! I see gold, pink, white, … what else would I want in my Easter table? I feel like this one is so strong and bold but at the same time so exquisite, that’s why I love it. Check out the website and you’ll see more details of this amazing table art!

I feel like I would do all these 3 together. I love the elegance and simplicity of white with pops of colour and the Easter eggs as decoration too! What about you? Which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

Happy table art’ing, catreaders!

Easter Beauty | Outfits, Make-up & Hairstyles

Hi, loves! How are you doing today? I’m super psyched that Easter is coming and we’re halfway through this week! The weather’s great too! What else could we ask for? Clothes! And looks for Easter day, right? So, that’s what I’m bringing you today! A few items that I chose from different brands (one per brand – I gave myself that little challenge!), items that I would love to wear myself this Sunday! But also, my choice of make-up and hairstyle! Any links will be provided after the photos, enjoy!

I love this playsuit! It’s cozy and fresh and I love the cool print! It feels so easy to wear this while hanging out with your fam!

The pale pink colour is PERFECT for Spring! I chose this coat because it appears to be a very light fabric, which is great because I’m not really sure how the weather will turn out to be on Sunday. It’s been so springy and warm, but I’ve seen somewhere that it will rain. So, perfect add-on to your outfit!

And could you not accessorize on Easter? Oh my, you really don’t understand how I love this floral print! I really should tone down a notch, shouldn’t I? I’m too hyped this season, but having the sun out every single day of the week doesn’t help. I like decent sized bags, but I also don’t want to drag a huge one around all day. This model would be on point for me.

I am in LOVE with these sandals! They look so comfy yet so trendy right now! I must get a pair for my closet! I kind of wish they were mustard though – I am completely utterly obsessed with mustard right now (the colour, not the sauce). Don’t judge, a’ight?

Oh my, talk about embroidery! This off the shoulder blouse speaks casual classic to me! It is long sleeved, so you know, if it turns out to be raining, you’ll still be warm enough. And the flowers just lighten up the whole top.

Now that I’ve chosen outfits, I want to decide what to do with my face! I decided to go with a fresh bright face. For my eyes, I used the new Cocoa Blend by Zoeva! It really has beautiful shades that scream Spring to me, so I had to use it!


And then for my face, I just did my simple daily routine but added extra on the highlighter!


And the last step is what to do with my hair! I have to say, I’m the worst with hairdos! I just can’t be bothered! The maximum I’ll do is twist a few strings from the sides and tie them at the back. So, I can’t say I’ll do much more this time. However, I really want to try long beachy waves (instead of my natural tighter curls). I checked this video by Vivian V on YouTube:

Amazing, right? And all without any curlers or iron! But, if you’re feeling a little lazy – like I always am when it comes to doing my hair – I would try the Beach Blond Spray from John Frieda (it’s amazing!) or the BB Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble. I love these both because they’re super affordable and actually work!

So, these are some of my choices for Easter Day! And what about yours? Do you have any suggestions or ideas on what you’ll be wearing and what make-up you’ll be using? Let me know in the comments!

Happy beaut’ing, catreaders!

Easter | Decorations & Postcards

Hi, loves! Today I’m bringing you a little bit of Easter! I love Easter, it’s such a happy time with my family and it’s Spring and just overall so cheerful! So, I just love it! And thinking about doing cute things for Easter is also exciting for me! Therefore, I decided to show you my simple decorations.

All you need is: cardboards, bags, tissue paper, anything. But I do think it’s better to use a harder kind of paper. Glue. A pencil. Bead thread. Hole puncher. Scissors. Cotton. Bunny template here.


Use the template to help you draw on your cardboards or papers. I used napkins too because their patterns are sick!


Cut the drawings and add your cotton ball. You can make these by shaping the cotton with your hands. I think it was quite easy, but you can always buy cotton balls.


And voilà! They look SO cute, don’t they? I am in love! So easy to do but such a nice touch to any decoration. I used the hole puncher in the end, so I could hang these little bunnies (using the bead thread), as in the picture:


For the postcards, the 1st step is the same! Then, cut the drawings and put glue on the backside. Be careful not to put the glue too close to the sides, so it doesn’t come out – even if this one disappears after.


Then you can glue it to a cardboard rectangular or to a pre-made postcard. I did mine myself as well because I really want to send this out, so I felt like it would be nicer to have completely made by moi postcards!


You also add the cotton ball!

And this is it! How cute did these turn out? SO cute! Well, I hope you enjoyed these little ones, and hopefully some of you will be able to do them with your children or by yourselves – why not? Let me know in the comments if you’ll give these a go!

Happy DYI’ng, catreaders!

Yves Rocher | Beauty

Hi, beauties!! The week’s halfway and I’m utterly exhausted! It’s been a tough but also happy week! And because we all need to relax sometimes and take time to ourselves, I’ll be talking about some favourites of mine from Yves Rocher. I’ve known this brand for many years but I always thought it to be a tad too expensive for moi! Now that I know different, I started buying some products!



I have everything from hand creams, body lotions, a lip balm, mascara, body wash, exfoliators, facial mask, etc! Some of these I was given to, and most of them I bought. I also use their shampoo, which I love! It’s this one. Yves Rocher is all natural ingredients, so I know I won’t make any chemical reactions to any new product. Besides, they smell great and actually do wonders as individual products. I love the mascara – it gives me definition but looks very natural! And the lip balm has been my ally through Winter. Check out their website for more products and discounts! They always throw in 3 samples for free – I love I get to try on a product before I actually buy it!

What are you waiting for? Have you ever tried Yves Rocher? Would you like to?

Happy Yves Rocher’ing, catreaders!


ONLY 2 weeks to get into a routine!

Hello, everyone! And how’s your Tuesday? I wish the sun had stayed for a couple more days, but we’ve had it for over a week, so it had to end at some point. Keeping my fingers crossed to have it again soon! How’s the weather like in your country? And where are you living? Write it down below!

I’m too excited to share with you this post today! This has helped me a lot with new things I want to try and I’m so happy that you’ll get to give a try too! I found out last year that any new habits you want to have/develop take 2 weeks to be fully understood and taken by our organism/brain/body/etc. I didn’t quite believe this, but in a way, it made sense, so I decided to put it to the test! I started with something I had wanted to do for a few months: drink more water! For 2 weeks, I kept 2 bottles of 1.5lt in my fridge so that I would have them easily during the day. That’s also another great tip: just prepare whatever you want to do/drink/eat because it will be a lot easier to be reminded that thing is right there, easy to grab. I will share more tips on drinking water in other post, if you want so. I have to tell you it WORKED! By the end of the second week, I didn’t even have to think about drinking, I just would. My body got used to it and would ask for it a lot more.


original here

I did this experience with a few other things: brushing my teeth after lunch – sorry if this is disgusting for you, but I truly didn’t have this habit, so I made myself have it; a skin care routine in the morning and at night – including removing my make-up completely and using moisturiser and tonic and a facial cream; use more products than just shampoo on my hair – I hate this because I’ve never done anything to my hair -ever- but I decided to start using a few oils here and then. I’m doing it twice a week now – totally worked!

Give it a try! I’m sure you’ll love this! You just have to think that it’s only for 2 weeks and then you’re hooked and you’ve made yourself have a new habit! Let me know if you try this and how it works for you!

Happy routin’ing, catreaders!

Garnier Moisture Bomb

Hi, Monday! Hi, lovelies! How was your beginning to this week? Too difficult? I always find it funny when all my students tell me you know, it’s the first day back to work, so there’s a lot to do. Then, on Thursday, they’re already saying, well, it’s the end of the week, so there’s a lot to do. I mean, I get it. I do feel the same, but I try to think of Monday as my best friend and on Thursday all I focus on is the weekend! Is that trying to be too positive of me? Either way, we all do our best to drag ourselves to the weekend! And to help you, read ‘your face’, to feel apt to a whole new week, I’m telling you all about a new best friend of mine.


It’s the GARNIER MOISTURE BOMB! Yes, very exciting! I bought this cream because my skin has been having some issues. Not over-dramatising it, no. I’m even being followed by a dermatologist now. But anyway, putting that aside, my facial skin has been very very dry. And I now have a combination skin, and I’ve always had had an oily type. This proved to be a big problem when I applied my foundation because, especially on my forehead, my skin would become very flaky and the foundation would crack. If you’re thinking it’s probably the foundation, don’t worry, it’s not. I’ve always used it and since then even tried a few others, just in case!

Long story short, I had to try to fix this. I went on a run for a super hydrating moisturising cream and even though I found amazing ones, they all cost an entire house. That’s when I saw this Garnier one. And it only cost me 9,99€! I decided to follow the instructions religiously – well, I did it twice a day instead of just once, but hey, I wanted to be safe! I applied it in the morning after cleaning my face and at night after removing all my make-up. Just a pump is enough for all my face AND neck. You can see the exact instructions below:


 This has been life changing! Trust me, it’s amazing for a drugstore product! I’m loving it! Give it a go if you’re having some skin issues yourself and thank me later!

Happy Garniers, catreaders!

April Goals

Hi, beauties! How are you today? How’s your beautiful weekend going? Mine is going very well and the weather is helping, once more! To kick start this month the best way possible, I decided I should write down my goals which I intend to accomplish during April.

They’re the following:

  1. Get to know my beautiful new city a lot more
  2. Have the best Easter!
  3. Write 5 posts per week
  4. Workout more often
  5. Go out more (with friends or alone – just need more fresh air)
  6. Not spend money in unnecessary things
  7. Limit soda (Coke Zero, to be honest) intake
  8. Read 5 new books

Right, these are my objectives for April. Some of them are going to be really hard for me, if I’m being completely honest, but I really want to make this month a beautiful beginning for all the amazing things that are to come! What are your goals? What would you like to accomplish this month? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to know yours!

Happy April, catreaders!

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