My Goodreads Challenge so far… 🙄🙄

Hi! How are you doing on this cold, cold Thursday? I only discovered Goodreads last year but I’ve been loving it every since! They have a yearly challenge called Goodreads Challenge and if I’m not mistaken it is only possible to do it by yourself and not against others, for example. So, we choose a number of books you want to read that year and you add each as you read them. I decided to share my challenge with you so I can keep myself accountable by sharing how much I’ve read… or not! 🙄

This year, I decided I want to read 24 books! This is a very small challenge for many, but I need to be realistic and in 2017, I read 13. One more than my challenge for 2017. So this year I thought I could do a lot better, but at the same time, a maximum of 2 per month, so I don’t try to overachieve! Furthermore, there are slow and busy months. I will read more sometimes, and other times I won’t have the time to read 2 books. I’ll balance this as I go… 🤗

So, in January, I read…………………

🥁 *drum roll please* 🥁

3 books! 📖📖📖

I got really excited with the Red Queen Series, so I read the last two books (one more is being released in May!!! Read my opinion on the first one here). And I read an amazing book that is yet to be released titled All of this is True! (review is coming and I’ll explain how I got it and all questions you might have about it now.) And as said before, it’s normal I’ll maybe read 3, even 4, in a certain month or in the next, I won’t read any. I’ll keep telling you how much I’ve read in the coming months! I liked this kind of post! Keeps me motivated!

What about you? What are you reading atm? What are you planning on reading this year?

Happy readings, catreaders!

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