My Favourite Coffees&Teas

Hello! I feel like Spring has run home and left us all in this cold, miserable weather! It’s cold, it’s raining, I mean, we just cannot have a break these days! And that is why I decided it’s time to talk about coffee & tea! Because, what’s the best time to have either of these if not in the rainy, cold days ahead of us?! So, today, I’m going to be talking, and showing you my favourite kinds of coffee and tea! Grab one yourself and enjoy this post!

If we’re talking about coffee, I’m very boring. I love a good Americano. It’s a bit strange, I have to say, because in my home country everyone drinks Espresso. It was only when I studied in Ireland that I started loving this kind of coffee.


But another love of mine is Macchiato. I actually tried a Macchiato in Starbucks for the first time, how unusual, right? And I’ve been loving it every since.


I also love any type of cold drink that has coffee. Frappés are my favourites too! And I love this product that I always get from the supermarket:

Now, if we’re talking about tea, things are very different. I love tea. And I love many many kinds of tea. I love green tea, white tea, black tea. I love fruity tea, and stronger tea. And fun fact: I used to hate tea until I went to Ireland! I’ll explain: one of my best friends in the world had bought tea from the farmer’s market on a Saturday. She invited me and a few friends to go to her house and hang out and made us all a cup of tea. I wasn’t excited at all, but I couldn’t say no because she was the sweetest for offering! So, I drank for the very first time ever, an amazing tea! I think it was called Butterfly something and I remember looking at the herbs and they were so pretty and floral! I loved the taste as well as the whole experience. And here I am, 3 years later, loving tea! I’ll show you a sneak peek of my collection:




I love having all sorts of tea in the house, so I can always choose what I feel like having. We recently bought the 3 packages of white tea and we’re in love! Especially with names like ‘Bora Bora’… ahm, feels and tastes amazing! Check their other types of tea here. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Oh! Another fun fact: I do not add sugar nor sweetener to neither my tea nor my coffee. I just never did, and I do feel like it’s a lot nicer to feel all the different aromas when you don’t add something that will alter them.

What about you? Do you have a favourite tea or coffee that you just can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

Happy tea/coffee time, catreaders!


My Favourite TV Shows

Hello, how are you doing today? The weather still hasn’t improved today, and I really feel like going for walks along the river, but it’s so windy and cold, I don’t even dare. How’s the weather like in your city? The weekend’s almost here and I can’t wait to relax and binge-read a few books I’ve been dying to finish – and you know, to write about them here for you! Today, I’m talking about something that I love and that I basically do every single day: watching my favourite TV series! If you want to find out more about them, keep reading!


So, of course, Friends had to come in first place! I watched it when I was 10, and I’ve re-watched it 3 times ever since. I just love it! Their friendship is amazing and that’s what I aim for in life!


Vampire Diaries. How can anyone not love this? And should we talk about the series finale? Oh. My. It was amazing! I have to confess, I did love the show more without Elena! Even though I love Nina, I think it was really cool to see everyone grow without her.


And with Vampire, The Originals just had to be here. I loved the first season, but the second not so much. I’m interested in finding out how’s this third’s going to be like.


Apart from romcoms and vampire-werewolves-witches things, I LOVE Criminal Minds! I love the suspense and I love the psychological part of the show. I can definitely profile anyone I see in public. The only bad thing is I get scared sometimes! I profile everything and everyone *sigh*.


Pretty Little Liars. What’s funny about me watching this, is that my sister watched it years before I even started. She says I steal all the shows she loves watching – she’s probably not wrong! One day, I had nothing to do and decided to watch the first episode. And there it went my life. It is so grabbing and thrilling that it’s impossible to stop watching it!


One of the best tv shows, hands down! Modern Family always cheers me up and I love watching the cast grow! I’m all about that Dunphy style! – honestly, I’m Claire, my boyfriend’s Phil.


I watched The Middle as one of those shows that you sometimes catch on tv whilst going through the channels, but I started watching every single episode, and I really love it. I feel like it portrays a normal lifestyle with a struggling family, but the beauty of it is that they’re all so optimistic in general – that gives me life!


Fuller House is recent but oh so much fun! Even if you’ve never watched Full House, it’s ok to watch this. The first few episodes have a lot of throwbacks, so you can understand most of the story.


Younger rapidly became one of my favourite shows ever. I feel like it addresses some important problems in society in a fun and easy-going way. But also, Nico Tortorella, who wouldn’t?


Now, this is a fun one! I just started watching Fresh Off the Boat and I had to include it here today. This family is hilarious! All so different but you can clearly see the Chinese stereotypes people usually have. And they approach these stereotypes in such a humorous way that it’s easy to binge watch it!

And there you go! I threw in some of my favourite TV shows together, but there are way too many more that I love, so I just can’t mention them all! What are your favourite ones? Have you ever watched any of these? Let me know in the comments!

Happy TV show’ings, catreaders!