Light tiramisù – HealthIER version

Hi, everyone! How are you doing? I’m so excited to share this new recipe! And especially because this is in ENGLISH, FRANCAIS, PORTUGUÊS and ESPAÑOL! How exciting! This is such an easy and delicious dessert! One of my friends gave me this recipe last year, and I’ve been in love! It is super light too, so you don’t have to feel so bad about eating an entire bowl!


  • Tea biscuits (as needed)
  • Whipped cream (made by yourself is the best kind!)
  • Chocolate powder
  • 1 Cup of coffee


  • Biscuits thé (Lu)
  • Crème fouettée
  • Poudre de cacao
  • 1 Café


  • 18596242_1337778159640444_1394683702_o



  • Bolachas tostadas (usar quantas necessarias)
  • Natas batidas
  • Chocolate em pó
  • Café


  • Galletas tostadas (usar la cantidad que cree necesaria)
  • Natas batidas en punto de nieve
  • Chocolate en polvo
  • Café




🇬🇧 Whip the cream, add a teeny bit of sugar and set aside. Grab a bowl, dip the biscuits in the coffee and layer them on the bowl. Layer a thick amount of whipped cream and then drizzle the chocolate powder. The last layer should be the powder, as you can see in the image. I added the strawberries in the end to make it more fun!

🇫🇷 Fouetter la crème, ajouter un peu de sucre et réserver. Prenez un récipient, puis tremper les biscuits dans le café et placer en couches dans le récipient. Ajouter une épaisse couche de crème fouettée et parsemer de poudre de cacao. La couche finale devrait être la poudre, comme vous pouvez le constater sur l’image ci-dessous. J’ai ajouté des fraises à fin pour rendre cela plus appétissant !

🇵🇹 Bata as natas, acrescente açúcar e deixe-as ficar. Comece por mergulhar as tostadas no café e disponha-as num recipiente. Cubra com uma camada de natas batidas e acrescente o chocolate em pó. Continue a fazer camadas até acabar as natas. A última camada deverá ser de natas e chocolate em pó. Acrescentei os morangos para dar um toque ainda mais delicioso!

🇪🇸 Bata las natas en punto de nieve y reserve. En seguida, moje las galletas en el cafe y pongalas en un bol bonito de servir. Tapa las galletas con una capa de natas batidas y echále un poco de chocolate en polvo por encima. Sigué haciendo este proceso hasta que se terminen las natas. La ultima capa deve ser de natas y de chocolate en polvo. Para terminar este exquisito postre ponle unas fresas por encima y se verá riquisimo!



Did you like this recipe? Let me know in the comments!

Happy tiramisu’ing, catreaders!


A very nice weekend!

Hi, everyone! How are you today? I decided I’d like to share some photos of my lovely weekend! I spent it with some friends, as I’d told you before and we decided to show them around in our new city, plus a few castles and smaller towns close by! Check out the pictures and enjoy! And if you’re interested in knowing where some of them were taken, just ask in the comments below!

























Such a fun weekend!

Happy Tours’ing, catreaders!

Liptonic & Water

Hi, everyone! How are you doing today? So, of course the amazing weather didn’t come to last more than 48h. Are we happy with that? No! Do we miss the pollens in the air and swollen face? No! So, I guess I can’t complain much, but I do hope the weekend will turn out to be a little better! Do you have any plans for yours already? Let me know!

Let’s continue talking about my favourite drinks! I wrote about Innocent smoothies and Cubanisto and Hoegaarden, if you still haven’t tried them, shame on you! Right, so this one is a weird combination for sure. But I had to talk about Liptonic, because I have never seen it anywhere else other than in France, and I’ve been wondering if any of you have tried this before! I discovered this Lipton Sparkly Ice Tea because my boyfriend was obsessed with it last year. I don’t like Ice Tea, but I love anything sparkly so I gave it a go and was quite surprised! The taste is exactly the same but with bubbles. And the bubbles make a huge difference! You know, at least for me! Go ahead and try it, and thank me later!


found here

Also, to end this segment on my favourite different and exciting drinks, I HAD to talk about water. And I love water. I actually drink about 2.5lt of water a day, and I love it! Does this make me sound nuts? I mean, I gave you Cubanisto and Liptonic and smoothies and super juices, and here I am, talking about water. I mean, I really do love it, even though I have a few quirks about how I like my water. Here we go: I like my water from the fridge. Ehm, yeah. All year round. I cannot have water otherwise. If it’s not cold enough, I can’t drink it. And I don’t mind drinking from the tap if it’s good – I grew up drinking from the tap because we have really good water where I was raised. The thing about getting water from the tap is it’s usually not cold enough for me, and if I’ll make the effort of drinking it, I need to open the facet full on, all the beautiful pressure coming off, and that’s the only way I accept having a full glass of water. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy and he’s tried fooling me with non-full-on-pressured water – na-ah! I know the difference!


I feel like I rambled so much about water and this is probably making me an official crazy lady, so I’ll stop here. But hey, water is great, water is the best! What about you? Any quirks? Any preferences? Any drinks you just love? Let me know!

Happy hydrating, catreaders!

Cubanisto & Hoegaarden – My summer drinks

Hello, beauties! How are you doing? It’s Wednesday, which means only 2 more days till the weekend! I really hope the weather continues this amazing, otherwise we won’t be able to walk around and visit the castles during the weekend! How is your week going so far?

So, we’ll continue to talk about some of my favourite drinks, if you haven’t read the Innocent post, go ahead! And today, I’ll be talking about Cubanisto and Hoegaarden. Cubanisto is a rum flavoured beer. I love rum and I love beer, so what could be better than these two together?


found here


found here

They come in these super cool bottles, where you can see the eyes of the skull through the front of the bottle but they’re actually printed at the back. Cool illusion, I say! Moreover, they glow in the dark, wait, what? Yes! They GLOW in the dark! And they taste amazing! Trust me! Go and get one, right now!

Ok, so I’m also completely addicted to Hoegaarden Rosé! I never thought I’d like a fruity beer, but oh my god! They’re deliciously amazing! So easy to drink and so cooling! I can’t wait to drink these in the summer time! Even though, beer tastes good all year round, right? Check out all their other beers here. They even have one made from green tea, what!


found here

I also love that this is a Belgian beer, maybe because we might be moving there, but who knows? Give this a go if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it!

Happy beer drinking, catreaders!


Innocent Smoothies&Juices

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I hope you had a great time or relaxed and rested all you had to! Mine was busy but also relaxing. And I’m very excited for the start of this week because two of my best friends are visiting us! Having friends all over the world is not very easy sometimes, but it’s always amazing and fun when we get together! So, this week and the beginning of the next, I’ll be extra busy and hopefully having tons of fun! And this week here, I decided to share with you some of my favourite drinks.

Today, I’ll be talking about the Innocent brand, which sells 100% natural drinks, pure fruit. And they’re really amazing! I have been addicted to them! The beautiful part of this brand is their Foundation, the Innocent Foundation, which helps people in poverty since 2004, by giving away at least 10% of their annual profits to countries in need. In addition, they have another project that helps elder people who live isolated. This one hits me right in the heart, because in my last year of high school, my two best friends and I created a project that aimed the same goal: helping elders by communicating and being with them. Just an hour or two a day can change their lives. As you can see, besides being a healthy and delicious brand, the social side of it makes them stand out.


They have tons of flavours and different products and I always find them at any supermarket. They have smoothies, juices, super juices, coconut water and sparkly drinks! I’ve tried many of these: the smooth orange juice, the tropical juice, the orange and mango juice, the orange and blood orange super juice, the apple and berry sparkly juice, the seriously strawberry smoothie, the energise super smoothie, the invigorate super smoothie and the recharge super smoothie. I think these are the ones I’ve tried so far. Here in France they don’t yet have as many options as in the UK or Ireland, check their website too by changing the country at the bottom of their official page. These drinks are not the cheapest, I have to say, however they are really good and again, I love the social cause, so I don’t mind buying a few every other week to support them and make my tummy happy.

Have you tried Innocent drinks? Do you have them in your country? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Innocent’ing, catreaders!

My Favourite Coffees&Teas

Hello! I feel like Spring has run home and left us all in this cold, miserable weather! It’s cold, it’s raining, I mean, we just cannot have a break these days! And that is why I decided it’s time to talk about coffee & tea! Because, what’s the best time to have either of these if not in the rainy, cold days ahead of us?! So, today, I’m going to be talking, and showing you my favourite kinds of coffee and tea! Grab one yourself and enjoy this post!

If we’re talking about coffee, I’m very boring. I love a good Americano. It’s a bit strange, I have to say, because in my home country everyone drinks Espresso. It was only when I studied in Ireland that I started loving this kind of coffee.


But another love of mine is Macchiato. I actually tried a Macchiato in Starbucks for the first time, how unusual, right? And I’ve been loving it every since.


I also love any type of cold drink that has coffee. Frappés are my favourites too! And I love this product that I always get from the supermarket:

Now, if we’re talking about tea, things are very different. I love tea. And I love many many kinds of tea. I love green tea, white tea, black tea. I love fruity tea, and stronger tea. And fun fact: I used to hate tea until I went to Ireland! I’ll explain: one of my best friends in the world had bought tea from the farmer’s market on a Saturday. She invited me and a few friends to go to her house and hang out and made us all a cup of tea. I wasn’t excited at all, but I couldn’t say no because she was the sweetest for offering! So, I drank for the very first time ever, an amazing tea! I think it was called Butterfly something and I remember looking at the herbs and they were so pretty and floral! I loved the taste as well as the whole experience. And here I am, 3 years later, loving tea! I’ll show you a sneak peek of my collection:




I love having all sorts of tea in the house, so I can always choose what I feel like having. We recently bought the 3 packages of white tea and we’re in love! Especially with names like ‘Bora Bora’… ahm, feels and tastes amazing! Check their other types of tea here. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Oh! Another fun fact: I do not add sugar nor sweetener to neither my tea nor my coffee. I just never did, and I do feel like it’s a lot nicer to feel all the different aromas when you don’t add something that will alter them.

What about you? Do you have a favourite tea or coffee that you just can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

Happy tea/coffee time, catreaders!


What’s in my bag

Hi, loves! So, today I decided to bring you something very different for me and something I love reading about and watching on YouTube, so I wanted to try it myself! And it’s – as you may have seen in the title – what’s in my bag! I do apologize for the mess and if you’re sensible to trash and unorganized situations, please do NOT watch! My bag’s a mess. Oh, yes. Strictly-organised-me always has a messy bag!

Here we go! First of all, I always have a book with me. I do worry when leaving the house that I might have to wait for something or just have a few minutes not doing anything, so I keep it for those situations. I can’t say I’ve always read one when I have the chance, but I just feel the need of carrying one all the time.


Then, I always have tons of lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms in my bag. Lipstick is something I actually reapply during the day, and I love having soft lips, so I always carry choices with me. I don’t usually have any other type of make-up product with me, though. I never felt the need of reapplying something throughout the day/night. But if I do go on a special event, I’d take a powder with me too.


Also, tissues. Just because. And perfume. I used to carry a deodorant but eventually, I switched that for a bottle of perfume. I like this one because it is so small, it’s not an added weight to the bag. Also, the smell – duh!

Hair ties. Pens, lots of pens. And then, notebooks or agendas.



Sunglasses. Because otherwise, I’d lose them, so they need to always be in my bag. Ready to go. And sunscreen. This is a recent add-on to my bag and it is doctor’s orders, unfortunately. But hey, we can always use the protection!


Pills. Allergy pills and ibuprofen. I hate taking medication, but these two I’ll allow myself to once a month (ibuprofen) and whenever an emergency (allergy ones). I always keep some with me because the thing I hate the most is needing some out of the blue and having to buy more when I have a big supply at home – always.


And obviously, and boring, my purse where I keep all my cards, and keys.


And that’s all, guys! I hope you enjoyed peeking at my bag. I’m sure you all have lots you keep with you all the time, just let me know what you can’t survive without in the comments!

Happy Monday, catreaders!