‘Tis Christmas! (soon)

‘Tis the holiday season! “Joy to the world, The Lord is come”

In this magic season, I always struggle with what presents to offer everyone – whom to offer something, what and how much should you spend on one’s gift! These questions haunt me since early November all the way through January – yes, because surprise guests equals to surprise present offering! Because of so, this year I decided to look for easy simple ideas that were suitable for anyone but still dreamy!

* My Little Box

This is a beautiful box that contains a few beauty products and it changes its contents every month. It’s a subscription box but you can buy it without a membership. This could be a great gift for someone you’re not expecting to give one or a friend. I mean, anyone, really! (16.90€)

my little dream box review

* La Thé Box

For the tea lovers, I think this unique box is just to die for! I can experiment new flavours and the latest box comes with a cup! My favourite is Tea Time Alice (comes with a 65% chocolate bar! Eeek!). Again, great gift for someone you just weren’t expecting anything from. (24.90€)


* Belgibeer

Now, I love beer and I would be extremely pleased with this present! This is another subscription box that you can buy just once for you or to offer. This one has 8 beers of 4 varities, a corkscrew, a magazine to learn more about beers, a beer glass and more. Buy it now for your beer connoisseur! (27.90€)


* Red Hot 2017 Calendar

Ol’ hail ginger men! If this one doesn’t warm up your cold Christmas days, I don’t know what will. Keep this one for your best friend or sister, or anyone that will appreciate the ginger goodness! I couldn’t wait for a pity soul to get it for me, so I just ordered it today! 2017 will surely be Red Hot in our house! (44.77€)


* A smartbox!

I have to say these are my favourites to get! Smartboxes are the best presents ever created because even though you have to choose the kind of experience you’re offering, the receiver still has the chance of choosing from 99+ activities! We got one last year and we chose to spend a night in a beautiful hotel next to the beach with spa and meals included! Isn’t that amazing? From food experiences to massages and horse riding, you can choose anything. The prices start at 29.90€.


And there you have! These are some of my choices this year. Hope you enjoy choosing and buying them! Happy holidays, catreaders!

*disclaimer: I do not own copyrights of any of these photos.

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