14 promises

Today’s a special day. Every 14 of every month I feel the most grateful. Almost 36 months ago I met a few people that would completely change my life. Almost 36 months ago my soul was broken, and I can’t say it’s fixed now, but I can say these people took their time and effort and filled me in with colours and happiness and life. I wish I could write you all an Ode because you deserve to be sung at, celebrated and cared.

36 months ago I made new friends, best friends. You know, sometimes your life feels like you’ve got nowhere to go, feels like this big circle you can’t escape from and you’re forced living the same moments, to take the same breaths over and over again. Well, 36 months ago, I broke the cycle.

I first saw you in a cloudy day. We were surrounded by laughter and new feelings and I couldn’t stop thinking how odd you were. The way you moved and sprung around the room made me feel queasy. How on earth could someone be so at easy with all new unfamiliar people? I remember you drinking your beer and fidgeting your hands up and down the glass and touching your shirt. How could you be so carefree yet restless? It’s funny looking back. Now I know all your gestures, I know when you’re uncomfortable and the way you keep touching your hair or moving in your seat when you’re stressed. And the awfully odd sound you make when you’re fake laughing.

You were sitting next to me when my hand inadvertently touched yours. I immediately felt my blood pumping fast, my whole body lit. A spark of electricity ran through me and I knew then, I wanted you close and I wanted you forever. I felt your eyes on my lips and I’m not sure until now if there were any other people in that crowded pub.


And the way you coloured in my breaths, the way you hold me when I’m about to fall or when I’m on the ground, for that and so much more, an entire Ode would never be enough for you. In these 36 months I learnt about myself more than I have ever learnt. I will help you find yourself the same way I found myself. I will always be on your side, guiding you through rainbows and storms. I will make you smile with my peculiar jokes.  I will listen whenever you feel like speaking. I will find the words you can’t speak. I will allow you to grow and become the amazing person I know you are. I will always believe in you. I will let you catch your dreams and live them with you. I will cook for you. I will show you exciting new worlds. I will hold your hand and walk next to you. I will warm your feet when they’re cold. I will be here every day. And, I will say yes.

14 promises turned into love and friendship. And yes, we are a circle now, but only you are capable of bringing small rays of sunshine into ours. Thank you.


See you next time, catreaders! 🙂

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