Brownielicious in a mug!

Hello, lovies! Today I’m bringing you something completely new to the website. A recipe! (Are you as excited as I am?) I love cooking and baking and trying new things. But I love quick and tasty things even more! The only thing I’ll be willing to wait a few hours for is my dad’s roasts. Yumm! However, I’m not my dad and I haven’t mastered the oven things yet, so today I’ll show a 30 seconds brownielicious recipe! Yup! 30 seconds! (Maybe a few more, okay? But it all depends on your cutting skills!)

All you need:

🌷 a mug

🌸 brownie (bought – I use the brand Brossard, which is the best brownie I’ve ever tasted!)

🌹 chantilly

🌺 vanilla custard (you can find it in any supermarket)

🌻 chocolate bar (I use 95% cacao)

The How to:

Cut the brownie in squares and put them in your mug. These can be the size you prefer. I don’t like them too big nor too small because I love the taste of chocolate to pop in this heart-warming mug. Add the vanilla custard to the mug again, add as much as you like. I just cover the amount of brownie I’ve used because I don’t love custard but if you do, go ahead and pour yourself a full mug of it! Squish some chantilly and grate some of the chocolate bar on top and voilà! 30 seconds later, it’s ready to enjoy!

The easiest and quickest yummylicious thing you’ll try! This is great for when I’m in need of a little chocolaty treat or when someone comes over and I need to whip up something fast!

Good tastings, catreaders! If you decide to try it, show me how yours looked!

Chat away!