Last minute DIY Christmas gift!

(Almost) merry christmas, everyone! How did you spend this beautiful day? Does anyone have snow in their city? Oh, I wish I had! People say here is colder and it snows during Christmas, but I have seen none yet! I wish I could say *I smell snow*. While not having snow, I bring you the most darling Christmas gift with a special touch (and smell) to it! I, myself, have done this this year to offer my in-laws as a side gift. Something sweeter and different because they have everything I could possibly imagine and I wanted to make this one an extra special one – it’s my first Christmas spent with them (and not with my family. No, I’m not homesick and crying. Yet.) For this special treat, all I used is down below:

* Christmas transparent decoration balls


* Gift tags


* Spices! Lots of them and different kinds!


I bought the kind of Christmas balls that have a little cap on them so it would be easier to use. I removed the top, used the lace from the gift tags I bought to put around the cap and did a little bow on them when finished (photo no. 2). Then, I filled the balls with all sorts of spices! I used white pepper, garlic powder, salt, oregano, parsley and oregano. You can use any kind you wish, but I do have to tell you either you buy bigger Christmas balls than mine or you’ll need a lot of patience to fill them in, especially using parsley and white pepper. I didn’t have a funnel that fit inside the ball, so I just created my own using paper.


Nothing fancy, just something that works! I filled them up to half each and put the cap back on. And there you go, easy as pie! A few tips: put your lace around the cap and glue the inside part because there is a little hole and that could be a mess (think of salt and pepper all mixed around your gift… not fun!)

You can see the hole here. I used a glue gun and it was done in seconds! However, if you do not owe one, just use some tape on the inside!

In the end, you can write each spice on the gift tags and there you go! Easy, simple and a unique gift! I think this is extra cute and I would totally love having these for myself. I’d keep them out during the holidays and later I could still use the spices. I also bought a nice bag which I filled in with crepe paper and then the Spicy Christmas Balls! I think it added an extra touch to the holidays. Did you like this creation? Will you try it? Let me know!



The final product! 🙂

Merry holidays, catreaders!



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