A short story: Part 1

Hello, catreaders! How was your Christmas? What gifts did you get? Tell me everything! Today, I bring you something personal. I say personal because it’s my first time sharing with you a fiction story of my own. It’s a short story and I’ve decided to give it a try and share it here to see what you think about it! My lovely and dearing sister gave me the idea and (made me) do it, so here you go! It’s a Christmas time story. I hope you all enjoy it!


In my head I’m doing nothing wrong. She did it early in our relationship, so why wouldn’t I do it now? It’s not like I don’t love her, but I also like her. It’s an interesting thing, the human mind. You find space to love everyone. I love both my parents and I love them equally, so why can’t I like them both in the same exact way? Well, I don’t. I love Hannah, and I care for Serena. But my whole body resonates when I’m with Serena. I can see the way her eyes burn when she looks at me, and she takes me out of here. Out of earth. She takes me with her to her universe and lets me stay there for as long as I want. Because I know she knows I have the control of us.


It’s Wednesday morning and he flutters his eyes open in bed. Awake in his mind but asleep as she walks past their bed into the bathroom. He feels her burdensome feet dragging through the floor until she reaches the bathroom, and then he hears her opening the tap. The sound of the water splashing fiercely against the water basin floods his thoughts and he’s awake.

– Hannah? – he tries to shout but his voice doesn’t let him – Shut the door. I need a few more minutes.

He feels his body awakening, his muscles tightening quicker than his mind has time to catch up. His fingers ran through his wild hair and he let out a long conscious breath. He lift his naked lukewarm torso, and he stayed sat on the edge of the bed. In the bathroom, the water had stopped running. He let his mind fly to the previous night. It was dark and only a street lamp a few meters away was on. He looked her in the eyes and he swallowed. His mind was fighting against his heart. He smiled nervously but he couldn’t restrain himself any longer. His body shoot himself to hers and he wrapped his arm around her and the other holding her hair and he kissed her. They kissed for long minutes, passion burning them both and electricity sizzling through his fingers as he moved them along her back. It had taken him two long years to finally strip down his control and touch her. Now, it was too difficult, too intense to stop. When he stopped, he knew he would break the spell and face the reality. When they did stop, their breaths had matched, feverishly toned. Their lips parted but their hands stayed put. He wanted to have the freedom of touching her, never letting her go. But he had to. They said goodbye for the thousandth time and she left the car.

The night was crisp but he drove with the car windows open. The nights in November were usually much colder, but it was as if this one had become warmer and drier. The air was concentrated as if it had breathed in and held it in, as if it knew something had happened. The trip back home was smooth, the rush hour had passed and there were almost no cars in sight. However, inside he felt as if everything was moving, beating swiftly. The thought of leaving Serena was both unavoidable and undesirable. He knew he had to stop seeing her, even though he had just first seen her tonight. The familiar houses ran past him, the sidewalk where he had hurt his knee riding his bicycle for the first time, the serene night that filled in the last lights on in the houses nearby. The night herself had gone to sleep and he had to wake up from his dream.

– It took you long enough to arrive tonight! I was getting worried sick! – his mum had always worried too much.

– I stopped at a gas station to have a quick bite. Mum, shouldn’t you be sleeping already? It’s late and I still have a pair of keys, remember?

– Your father would nag me all day if he knew I had gone to sleep before you’d get home in one piece! Now, let me help you with your bags.

He stepped in his parents house and his life was back to normal. He saw their living room with the couch and armchair arranged in the same way as they’ve been for the last 26 years. The smell of Bolognese hovering through the room – his favourite! His stomach grumbled with the thought of warm food. – Come now then. I see that you’re still hungry after your quick bite! They both sat on the table, and as while he ate, she sensed something different about her only son. His eyes were bright and shiny and his face seemed changed. Not that he had put on some weight or lost any, but something was different about him and she couldn’t put her finger on it.

They kissed goodnight and he went upstairs to his old room. Up the stairs, all straight, the door on the left, his mind reminded him of. Opening the door, the fresh air invaded his senses. His mum had made his bed and left the window open all day, so he could have a good night of sleep as she’d say. He sat on the edge of his bed, and he ran his fingers through his hair. He grabbed his phone and texted Hannah saying he had arrived and he would go to sleep. He said he loved her and that they would talk tomorrow. He put the phone down and got on his feet. He let his jeans fall on the floor and stepped out of them. He unbuttoned his shirt and made it slide down his arms. Drowning in his bed, he closed his eyes and let his mind free. A few seconds later, a light turned on and it took him a few seconds to realise it was his phone. “I can’t wait to see you again. Did you enjoy our time together today? I miss you already.” – he read. A text from her. His two worlds bumped one into another and a few breaches formed. He thought of the beautiful hours they spent together. The first time he laid eyes on her walking down the stairs. The way she came closer and opened the door. His heart had started singing in that moment. And her perfume that suffused the car. He had wanted to drive straight away but he couldn’t. He needed to look at her and admire what he had longed for 2 long years. And later, when all he could do was smile and laugh and smile, he wished he had done it earlier. Now, in his old bedroom, with the phone in his hands, he realised he was smiling and his heart was stomping. “I loved our time together! 🙂 And I loved kissing you. I will see you again. I miss you too.”

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