Declutter(ing) my life

Hey, catreaders! How are you today? I had a very good day today: one, it’s Friday, so it’s the last day of work, two, it’s literally my last day of work of 2016. And oh man, I can’t express how much I need to flush 2016 down the toilet. It was a tough tough year. Including tons of medical expenses and some medical scares and dealing with unemployment and depression. 2016, auf wiedersehen; 2017, please come in strong!

I do believe that if you’re positive and you surround yourself with positive human beings and happiness, you will attract more goodness into your life, but this isn’t all black and white. Sometimes things don’t go the way you expect them to, and it becomes tremendously hard to continue being positive. I speak for myself. I am an optimistic person in general, even if my light has been shadowed a few times these last years, but it becomes really difficult to continue to shine when everything around seems dark and upside down. So, my main goal for 2017 is to declutter my life! And today, I’ll tell you how I intend to do this, and maybe help you do the same.

* I started by removing all objects that made me feel sad or reminded me of something from the past. It is ok to reminisce and talk about your glorious times in high school with your BFFs, however you cannot cling to those times because they are gone. You probably are a new person and have different tastes and goals in life, so own it! Liberate yourself from your past. You’re missing on opportunities to make new glorious (even better) moments, seconds! Go around your bedroom, bathroom, house and look around: what makes you happy? Either because it reminds you of something in a good, positive way or just because it makes you feel at peace, keep it! I have a green plant in my entrance and I have no memories attached to it, but I just love it because it brings joy and life to my apartment, so I definitely kept it. On the other hand, I had a few unnecessary items (like a metro map) that remind me of a very stressful period I had this year, so I threw them all away. I made space for new things and new memories and allowed myself to feel and be happier.

* Make goals, but small ones! What I hate the most is looking back at the end of the month and realise I have done nothing I had intended to. I noticed I need to make smaller and more specific goals in order to meet them. Every beginning of the month, I sit down and write a few things I’d like to get done. I am simple and detailed (only way it works for me to succeed). I have some examples for you: Read 6 books and name which ones. Eat home cooked meals every day for 2 weeks (we eat out too often). Meet up with friends 2 times (now you’ll say I’m boring, but my friends here live quite far so it’s hard for us to meet often). Try one new recipe a week. Worry less, make fewer plans. Go for a walk 3 times a week. And these are just a few examples. I also try aiming for things that I know will make me happy and comfortable.

* Get rid of people who bring you down. Obviously when you’re a teenager, you live for the drama. But when you get to your college years, you better understand who isn’t needed in your live. It’s not like you’re better than anyone – at least, I don’t think I am. It’s just that some people get along nicer with some and others with others. And that’s ok. You have every right to choose whom you want to keep in your life and call your friend. I know I thrive when I’m next to people that are adventurous and creative and inquisitive. I know now I need to fuel myself in these kind of people, so that I can be at my best and feel my best. Nowadays, I only keep talking and hanging out with people I know will treat me right and want genuinely be part of my life. The others can and surely are great people, but I don’t need some of their flaws flying around my life.

In the end, you need to think what’s best for you. If you want to make 2017 the start of the best years in your life, you have to put yourself first. Don’t be selfish toward others, but remember that you’re the only one that has to cure and love yourself at any point of your life. And you can achieve anything you want if you have the right mindset and an organised life. Declutter your life by decluttering yourself first.

Happy 2017, catreaders!

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