Scoring in 2017

Hello, lovies! How are you today? I’m sorry I missed my Friday post, but I’ve been under the weather since last week and just couldn’t bring myself to write something on Friday. I am still unwell, but I wanted to say hello to all of you and to show my 2017’s resolutions. It is a tradition to ask for 12 wishes on a new year and I always do that. More than wishes, I see these as my goals and it’s been a great way to keep me accountable for what I want and should do throughout the year. So here they are, my 12 goals for 2017.

1. Go to greece
2. Apply to a masters in Edinburgh
3. Workout more
4. Eat meat once a week (I don’t at all or almost never and I don’t replace it well, so my nutrients intake is a complete mess)
5. Better control of my money (make-up and clothing will have to be put on hold)
6. Save more money
7. Get an apartment in the city we’recommend moving to in March
8. Post on the website 3x a week
9. Join a club to make new friends and have fun
10. Go out more often (yeah, granny, me!)
11. Be happier!
12. Get healthy (really health wise. 2016 was not kind on my body)

And that’s all. I keep these somewhere close and where I see them often, so that I keep them in mind and voilà! It usually works. I do smaller goals every month though, which keep me a lot more motivated for the bigger ones! 😊 What are your goals for 2017? Any big changes?

PS: the short story – part 2 will be here on Wednesday at 5pm (GMT+0)!

Have a wonderful evening, catreaders!

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