A short story: Part 2

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He woke up the next day feeling rejuvenated. He looked to his left, but no sign of her. His mind stretched to fully wake up, and he realised he was back at his parents. He opened the door and headed to the stairs. His nostrils immediately felt the strong aroma of coffee freshly brewed. He found his father reading the newspaper, as he had found him every morning for 19 years.

– Hi, father. How are you feeling today? – and he kissed briefly on his cheek.

– I waited for you yesterday, but you seemed to have arrived late. You worried your mother sick. She tried calling you 4 or 5 times. Did you see that?

– Yes, I did. And I was driving. I don’t think you would want me driving and texting, would you? Plus, I talked with mum yesterday and explained her what happened.

– Right. – and he went back to reading his newspaper.

– Morning, mum! Did you make all this for breakfast? When did you wake up? You shouldn’t have. – and he kissed and hugged her.

– Oh, you know me, I can’t sleep much. And it’s not everyday I have my little boy back. I just made fresh orange juice and there’s coffee on the pot, go get some.

He wasn’t used to this anymore. He had studied in another city for 4 years, and then he found a job there, so he rented his own place. Which later became their place. And Hannah never cooked for him. Hell, she never cooked. She didn’t know how to; he had learnt a few recipes with his mum, and with time, he learnt a few more things on his own. But having someone make breakfast for you was also a way of showing how much you meant for them. He remembered the last time he had made breakfast for Hannah. They had just started dating and she was still in bed when he covertly on his tiptoes left the bedroom and prepared them some bread with strawberry jam, coffee, a croissant that was 2 days old, and some water. It wasn’t the best ‘breakfast served in bed’ ever, but he was in love and he wanted to show her how much. His eyes flickered and he was back at his parents. He finished his breakfast and decided to take a shower. With the hot water running down his body and washing away his desires from the previous night, he suddenly felt like seeing Serena again. He just had to touch her once more. How could you take away KitKat from a child once they’ve eaten one bar? And in this case, he had only unwrapped the plastic and smelled the aroma. He needed to see her, but it could only happen one more time. He had done wrong enough, so he could only allow himself to see her one more night. The bathroom was now overflowing with steam. He stepped out of the shower and passed his hand softly on the mirror to clean it. He looked at his image on the mirror and he felt idly pleased.

Later that morning, he texted Serena asking her if she could meet him in the next few days. They both agreed on the following Tuesday evening. He felt his insides twirling and he got a little queasy with the tought of touching her again. He would have to drive for two hours in order to meet her because she didn’t have a license yet. She couldn’t, she was only 17. He immediately brushed off that thought from his mind. He could never really think of her age but at the same time, that was all he could think of and that was one of the reasons why he would eventually stop seeing her. They were in complete different phases of their lives and thinking of having a relationship with her was not on his plans. He adored her. He couldn’t not see her and lay his eyes on her, but he knew he couldn’t give her more than his lust. And he never promised her more. Not once during the two years and a half they’d been talking to each other. As he got dressed, his phone rang and he jumped a little. It was Hannah.

– Hi, love! Did I wake you up? It’s past 10, so I thought I should call and check in on you.

– It’s alright. I’m up. What are you up to? Are you at the apartment or are you going to meet your brother?

– I’m just leaving. He’s staying at my parents, so I’ll meet him there. Did you have a good night without me?

– Ha, I missed your feet to warm mine, yes. Haha! It’s strange being in my old bedroom. Feels like everything has changed.

– Changed? How? You’ve been back there so many times since we’ve moved to the apartment. What’s changed?

– I don’t know. Nevermind. I have to go now. I’ll help my mum with the groceries. Have fun. I’ll text you later.

He hung up the phone and helped his mum with the bags. The following days were peaceful and got the chance to talk and be with his mother. They rarely saw each other nowadays, and he had missed her. She was a loving person, who had done everything for her children. For him and his sister. And she could never admit it, but she had a special protection over her only son. Boys are different, she would think to herself. They need more help and guidance. And my boy is so well-mannered. It would take her years to realise completely her little angle wasn’t so holy. He also talked with his father, as much as he could. He had never been known for sharing and laughing much. But he didn’t mind. Actually, he didn’t mind at all. He visited a few places that were so familiar to him once, like his primary school, and where he had fallen down the wall that divided his house from the neighbours. A faint smell of blood made his heart race and when he looked down, to his hand, he couldn’t see flesh but only blood. It took him a few minutes to understand it was his own blood, and that’s when the yelling started. He wanted to move, and he made an effort to move his legs, but one hurt sharply. And so he cried more. His mum came rushing and almost spewed when she saw her 11-year-old in such a bad state. The following hours involved a lot of medical staff, a crying mum and a restless dad. It was the only moment in his life he had seen his father so stressed. He was pacing from one side to the other in his hospital room, and he didn’t seem collected, as he always was. A car honking pulled him back to reality. He looked down to his hand and he saw the scar. He closed his hand firmly, as if sensing the pain once again. He walked a lot during those days. And he dreamt of her, he imagined her smiling while stopping to smell some flowers; she would say ‘hi’ to everyone and then she would lose herself in laughter and say how small towns were inexplicably naïve, but I know deep down, she’d love it. Oh, he missed her. He missed her with every breath he could take. The excitement of seeing her was exhilarating and he wanted to get lost in her scent. Tuesday kindly arrived at 8am for him. He took a shower and had his breakfast seated next to his mum.

– You look oddly happy. What’s happening? Is my orange juice even better today?

– Your orange juice is amazing and you know that. And I’m not happy, I’m feeling normal. But, oh, I forgot to tell you I’ll have to leave this afternoon for a couple of hours. I need to meet Hannah. She’s not feeling very well with her brother’s situation, so I thought I’d give her some support.

– Oh, alright, son. You do what you gotta do. Send her my best wishes. I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s a handsome looking man; he’ll soon find someone better for him.

– Yeah, I’m sure too.

The rest of the morning went by slowly. He could feel every second on the clock, and he hated it. He decided he shouldn’t sit around just waiting for 4pm, and he took his car keys and left. As the km kept passing and passing, his body got more tense. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this way. Warm and cold, and feeling his pulse on his neck. He swallowed, took a deep breath and parked next to her house. Within a few seconds, she showed up from the garage. She was wearing a little black dress, black tights and a long grey coat. As she looked at him from outside the car, she smiled and waved. And he smiled from ear to ear. The most genuine smile he had smiled all week. She got in the car, and he felt as if he could breathe again.

– Hi.

– Hi.

– You look beautiful today.

– So, you’re saying that I wasn’t before? – her insecurities revealed how young she was, even if she was so grown up on the inside.

– I mean, you are beautiful but you look exquisite today.

She blushed. And he smiled.

– Can I have a kiss now?

She nodded her head gently. His right hand touched her cheek, and pulled away the hair that was covering her face. He looked into her face, as her eyes ran away from his, and he looked into her pink lips. He pulled his body against hers and he kissed her. Their kiss was small at first, ruled by their timidity, but soon became a furious touch. Heartbeats were misaligned, bodies were feverishly moving and hands were intertwined. A beautiful deep orange sunset against the loud breaking waves. She was the first to break contact. Her lips looked like a plum, so full and raw. And her eyes were shining with desire. She was trying to catch her breath when he said ‘It’s better to get out of here, right?’.

– Yes. Let’s go somewhere far, where nobody knows me.

And off they went. When he finally stopped the car again, it was dark outside. They parked on a quiet street near some private houses. He turned off the engine, but let the radio on. They were both looking at each other, smiling, and not saying a word. He was wondering how he could be so lucky to have this amazing girl liking and wanting to be with him. And so he felt like telling her everything. Anything she would want to know, he would tell her. He would open up to her as he had never to anyone before.

– What are you thinking about?

– Nothing – he smiled -, what are you thinking about?

– I’m a little scared someone might see us here.

– And so what? We’re just talking, aren’t we? – he let out a small laugh. – Come here.

She got closer to his body and she listened to his heartbeat. He smelled her perfume on her hair and as she touched his chest with her innocent hand, he felt himself harden. He wanted to kiss her again, and have her on his lap. He asked her to come closer, he pushed his seat all the way down, and put her next to his body. They faced each other and for a few seconds, they let the tension grew. She put her hand around his neck, pulled him towards her and kissed him. He moved his hand up to her neck and down to her bottom. He squeezed gently and she let out a moan. Their kisses became sloppy and there was fire coming through their pores. He felt her hand right on him, and she moved it up and down very slowly. He couldn’t bear it anymore, he felt like he was going to explode. He unbuttoned his pants and kicked them with his feet. She was now under him and he took a second to look at her. He touched her stomach with his cold hands and slid her dress up so he could see her. ‘Wow’, was all he could breathe. He started kissing her from where her tights ended until the beginning of her bra. ‘Take it off, please.’ And she obeyed. He almost lost it when she threw her bra to the back seat. He kissed both her breasts and continued trailing her torso down to her tights. He looked at her and asked ‘Can I take them off?’; and she nodded. When his first fingers touched her skin, she was warm and ready. He played with her and heard her moan and grab his hair. He got a condom, put it on, and thrust inside her. They both moaned of pleasure and she put her arms around him. It didn’t take long for him to burst inside her and for her to yell pleasantly. Both of their chests were moving rapidly and he had drops of sweat on his forehead. He looked into her eyes, and he kissed her forehead. They held each other until their bodies went back to normal temperature. He smiled at her and kissed her hand.

– I…

– Yes? You can tell me.

– I think I love you.

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