Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Hi, catreaders! How are you today? Finally, the weekend has arrived! Since I started working, I have a special love for weekends and cherish them as much as I can! Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Today I’ll be talking about Tanya Burr Cosmetics! I am so excited to be writing about this and I’ve been wanting to share some products with you for the longest time! I have been following Tanya on YouTube for some time now, but it was only a couple of months ago that I decided to purchase some items from her make-up collection. I have to say I’m in love!

I bought the following articles:

Berry Picking

This lip gloss is amazing! I love this colour and I think it suits me really well. The gloss has a nice aroma, which I can’t identify, but it’s good! It is very easy to apply; the wand has the right size and it feels very soft on your lips. Moreover, the longevity of the product is good – of course because it is a lip gloss, it will not last you an entire night, but I first went out to have lunch whilst wearing it and I have to say it lasted pretty well. In the end of my meal, it had faded but you could still see some colour. I give it a 4/5 and not a 5/5 because when you first apply it, your lips get a little sticky (but this is something quite common amongst lip glosses).

Let’s travel the world

I also bought the ‘Let’s travel the world’, but I bought it because my brain was telling me I had way to many brown/purple/dark-ish colours, and I had to get a vibrant one! Well, I’m not in love with this colour. On me, it looks like I’m very pale and just decided to go all 70’s on my lips. Anyhow, I’m sure a lot of you would love this colour and as I mentioned before, it’s a 4/5.

Individual lashes

And I got the individual lashes. Now, I had never tried individuals before, but I absolutely loved the experience! I wear these all the time. I love a natural look for a daily wear and these lashes give me just that. When I feel like having a fuller lash, I apply the smaller ones to the corners of my eyes and maybe 1 or 2 pairs in the middle section. You can’t really tell I’m wearing falsies, but my eyes look fuller and more intense. If I’m going to a party or an event, I pop a few of the medium and longer ones. These eyelashes are very easy to put on and I use the lash glue from W7 (the transparent one) and they literally don’t move. I’ll confess I have slept with them and wear them the next day and they lasted the second day too! I had to pull them off when washing my face at night. These are truly amazing! It’s an absolute 5/5! I already bought my second box and will probably buy lots more in the future!

I have made another order on Feelunique, they have 70% discounts on the whole website! This time, I bought some other products from Tanya Burr Cosmetics that I can’t wait to try on! Here’s what I purchased:

Cheek Illuminator in ‘Forever Summer’
Fairy Godmother









The nail polish colour isn’t the correct one in this photo, but I’m guessing it’s out of stock, since I can no longer find the right colour. The other colours are lovely, though, so have a look!

Peach Glow Cheek Palette

I am so excited for these new purchases and everything was so cheap! Her make-up line is quite affordable for a drug store make-up, but now with the discounts from Feelunique, it was even better! For example, the lashes are at 3,90€ and the this Cheek Palette at 6€! I still have to try these last products, but I’m sure I’ll love them! And what about you? Have you ever tried any of her products? Do you love them? Will you try them?

Big kisses and love, catreaders!

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