Tampere, Finland | Travel Series

Hey everyone! How are you doing today? Have you tried the protein balls I posted yesterday? Ours are still yummy and I did them last Sunday! Well, today I have another destination to talk about. We really love travelling and going to Finland had been in our bucket list, at least, since 2014. Last summer we decided it was time and we had to go! To be honest, we couldn’t refuse because one of my best friends was getting married. Ah, you read right. And the beautiful couple lives in Finland, so we say goodbye to the warm weather of Portugal and France, packed our raincoats and ran to Helsinki!

We landed at the Helsinki Airport at midnight. Our flight was extremely delayed, but Finnish buses work beautifully, so we only waited for an hour to continue travelling up north to Tampere! Our friends live there and I’ll be telling you today about this amazingly fun and eclectic city. We stayed at our friends’ place, therefore I cannot help you with accommodation, but I’m sure Airbnb would not disappoint you. However, we went to great pubs, had mouth-watering beers, and visited the coolest finnish ‘Manchester’. I’ll share here with you where we went and where we ate during the couple of days we were in Tampere.

The first day, a Saturday, was pretty chilled because we had arrived early morning and slept until noon. We still visited a few places and ate tons. We first walked up to this cute little shop that is very famous in Tampere. It’s called Vohvelikahvila and I think I can call it a cafe. It serves the most amazingly varied waffles! I had a cup of coffee with mine and it was the perfect start of our time in Finland! We visited a few places, but mainly walked around the city with our friends as guides. Remember that anything you’ll see here is recommended by locals, which is the best way to get to know a city! We also drank ‘cheap’ beer at Mallashovi, which apparently was the cheapest place to have one! Here I tried a finnish typical drink: Lonkero! It tasted amazing! And sure thing, I got half-drunk on their wedding drinking this! For dinner, we went to a very cosy and common pub: Plevna. This reminded me of my time in Prague; a nice throwback. This pub was huge and had an amazing looking bar with many kinds of beer! They also brew their own, which makes it even more fascinating! I have a few photos of the amazing places we visited and ate during our first day, so I’ll leave them here for you:


A little square that I found the cutest!
Clearly, it was summer and everyone was going nuts about PokemonGo


The red bricks, just beautiful!
Plevna Pub
The second day we had to fence for ourselves! Our friends were busy taking care of last-minute things for their wedding, so we had to go into town on our town and visit whatever we’d like. We wandered around the city for a while, visiting a few places, but we decided we wanted to go to an Amusement Park called ‘Särkänniemi‘. Unfortunately, it started raining cats and dogs and we didn’t get the chance to go on any rides, but the Park was beautiful. It has many different things for kids to do, but also for grown-ups. It is also in between nature. It’s full of trees and even though it’s an amusement park, we felt very relaxed and zen! The rain made us stop meandering inside the park (which is completely free, by the way) and we found a nice place to have lunch. We ate a sort of finnish kebab. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what it was because we just ordered what we thought was chicken something. And it was delicious! Concerning we were in Finland and eating inside a park, the price was quite reasonable. When the rain calmed down for a while, we decided to go back to their home and get dry. Later that day, we all went to one of their favourite places, which was in another neighbourhood, if I’m not mistaken. The place is called ‘Huurre‘ and, in my opinion, was the best one we ate at.
One of the rides at Särkänniemi
Huurre Pub
Coolest napkin at Huurre
Note to self: RELAX – Huurre
The third and last day before we went to another city, we went to the city center once again and visited the university and its surroundings. We found a very beautiful green park, where children were playing football and we even saw a martial arts class! Tampere really is a fun city! I could see myself living there because of its youth and amount of activities that suit anyone’s preference! We had a late lunch at the Gastropub Nordic. Again, a very nice place that probably many tourists don’t know about, but definitely worth to go to! And the best part of all was the Pyynikki observation tower, from where you can see the entire city, but also eat the BEST DOUGHNUTS in Finland! Well, my friends told us that, so I had to write it, right? Truth being told, they were a-ma-zing! Definitely top 3 on my doughnuts list! So, if you ever go to Finland, you definitely have to stop by Tampere, just so you can try one (or two!). And don’t worry, the walk up there will burn off some calories you’ll eat after!
Beautiful and relaxing park
Lunch at the Gastropub Nordic
View from the observation tower
View from the observation tower
I’m sure you can see from the photos that Tampere is just breathtaking. Such a simple yet exciting city with fantastic people and delicious food! After Tampere, we went up north and visited a few cities along the way. Maybe I’ll write about the rest of our trip another day. What do you think? Should I? One thing is certain, I will go back. I will eat one of those doughnuts again and drink my beautiful blue-greyish Lonkero!
See you soon, Tampere, and see you soon, catreaders!




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