Valentine’s Day | Why Celebrate It

Hi, everyone! How are you? I’ve been absent from here because I’ve been extra busy and didn’t leave any posts scheduled! But now I’m back! How have you been? And for my Chinese friends, how was the start of the New Year? I hope you’ve spent it with your loved ones and that you celebrated it to the fullest! This week, I’ll bring you a series of Valentine’s Day inspired ideas and how-tos and whys.

I hate the idea of a marketing strategy associated with VD because I am a dead romantic, but I do love having an extra reason to pamper my boyfriend, and well, me too! So we do celebrate it! We even have a better reason than it just being VD. It’s also our kissiversary! Wohoo! Yeah, it was on Valentine’s Day that we kissed for the first time, isn’t that too cute? Well, even if you don’t think so, we do! And we make sure to celebrate it! I decided I’d share with you a few things I have planned or have done in the past. From clothing options to dinners and gifts! All Valentine-sy!


I hope you find this day a happy and worthy one! Don’t think about all the downsides of why you shouldn’t celebrate it, but instead think of it as another normal happy day in where you share with your loved one why you love her/him so much and do something fun together! Do you already have something in mind? Let me know in the comment section!

This is all for today, catreaders, let’s enjoy VD together!



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