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Hi, beauties! How are you today? Have you checked my Valentine’s Day: Outfit Ideas from yesterday? I am so in love with some of those items! And all under 25€? Please, take my card! So, we’re all dressed up, all we need now is to talk about make-up! Of course I love make-up and I always go to YouTube to look for some inspiration! Today, I’ll be sharing with you a few looks I took inspiration from for my own make-up, and others that I loved too!

I could not talk about make-up without mentioning Carli Bybel! She’s one of my make-up inspirations go-tos and this year, she did it again! This is such a beautiful and simple eye-look and you can never go wrong with pink/red on VD! Throw in a pair of falsies and you’re good to go! Don’t you love this look?

I had to choose this one too! This one is a loft softer than the 1st look, but it’s still intense. I love this option because I feel like I could go anywhere with it. I love the eyelashes because they’re the main focus of this look and everything is softened to make them pop.

I love a smokey eye! And using purple and black to do this look, gave me major inspiration! I always go for the browns, so I decided I wanted a little more of the pinks and purples for this year’s look. Her lips are basic too, so I think it makes this make-up a perfect one for the whole day. If you have a fancy date night dinner with your bae, throw in some lipstick and you’re good to go!

Last but not least, I chose this beautiful peachy look. Again, the focus is on her eyes, which I love but the look is a lot more soft and casual than any of the others. I love the winged eyeliner and her lips look so plump – I need mine the same way! Obvi, she used the Too Faced palette, which I also love – duh! – but really, if you’re on the look for something fresh and natural, I’d choose this one. Natural and soft is the way to go (too)!

And there you have it! My favourite make-up looks created just for Valentine’s Day! I always like to gather a few different looks, so that I can choose and mix all of them. I love natural but I also love bold. It’s just so difficult to choose! I think I’ll do a soft-peachy one for the day and I’ll go darker for our date night! What about you? Which look will you choose? Do you have any other ideas? Let me know!

Happy eye looks, catreaders!


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