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Hey, everyone! How are you feeling today? This week the weather has been so gloomy here, that you really feel like staying in bed and watch Netflix all day. However, no one has the time to Netflix and chill when Valentine’s Day is approaching! By the way, have you seen my make-up inspiration looks from yesterday? I can’t wait for the actual day! And we’ve also talked about why I celebrate it and all the cute outfits for under 25€, so now I’ll tell you what I’m thinking of preparing for my boo! Date nights are the best but you don’t always feel like going to a restaurant and having to share your alone time with dozens of strangers in the same room. If that’s what you feel like, then do it! Book a table at a nice restaurant and have an amazing meal prepared by a good chef! This year, I decided I wanted to be the chef of our house and cook a nice meal for us both. I can’t say it will be the fanciest, but it will come from the heart. If you also need some dinner ideas, keep reading!

You can start by choosing a theme for your night, or not. I think I’m going for an Italian inspiration, because isn’t Italy the true symbol of love? Also, we both love Italian food, so there you go! I want to start this dinner with some appetizers. And I want them to look good! I decided to look for some ideas on other websites, and I’ll leave them down below for you. These are my favourite:


I mean, little heart bruschetti. Who wouldn’t love them? This is such an easy appetizer to make and don’t they look adorable? Also, goat cheese? Yes, please!


I had to choose this recipe because of the meatballs! (No pun intended) My boyfriend and I love meatballs and even if they’re not the quickest to make, they sure make a nice treat!


And these heart-shaped watermelon miniatures… my, how could this day be more special than this? I think my point is that you should go full on Valentine-crazy with your appetizers. Lots of red and pink and heart-shaped food and glitter and food colouring. So, you’ll start big, with lots of ‘uhs’ and ‘aws’ and then you have a delicious homemade dish that probably will have nothing to do with Valentine’s itself. Go big (or go to a restaurant)!

My simple choice for this year is this one:


It’s a cherry tomato cut in the diagonal and then you put two together. So easy. I put them in these cute wooden skewers and left them as is. You can add a small square of Feta or Mozzarella to each side to make them even cuter – and tastier! Remember to choose long-oval-shaped tomatoes, otherwise you’ll end up like some of my not-so-hearty ones. If you do, just mix them all together and you won’t even see them!

Now, let’s move onto our main dish. I believe the best option for anyone will be a dish you both enjoy. Maybe it’s your favourite one, or your partner’s, but make something special. It doesn’t mean it has to be fancy, but I’d go for something you don’t eat every day – nor every month. Again, I looked around at other websites, so I could give you more than just my idea, and I found one more dish that I’d love to have on Valentine’s Day:


You can find this recipe on the number 3 of the slideshow. I chose this dish because it’s something I personally love, and wouldn’t mind – at all – having it for dinner. Shrimp scampi is just such a beautiful delicious meal to have and this is all made in one pot! So, win, win, right? It’s easy and I’m sure it will leave you both mouth-watering with the smells while cooking it.

You have some more recipes on that website, and by all means, check them all and find one that suits you both or just find some inspiration. For us here, I knew what I wanted to cook since a long time ago. My boyfriend loves lasagna, and especially, he loves his grandma’s lasagna. He would never admit it to me, but my amazing lasagna isn’t just quite as amazing as his grandma’s. So, I decided to call her for the recipe, and do it myself! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from it yet, but I’ll leave you with a close one.


I have to admit this photo isn’t the best one, but trust me, it tastes like heaven! I’ll leave with the recipe here:

*50cl Cooking cream

*250gr Ground beef

*Lasagna sheets (as many as you want – depends on the layers)

*1 tube of tomato sauce

*1 Onion

*Parmesan cheese

*Spices (black pepper, salt and parsley)

Start by frying the onion cut in small squares and leave it for about 1min; add the beef and the tomato sauce and the spices you want to use (we use the ones mentioned). Leave it in low-heat for about 40 minutes. The longer you could, the better it will be. While waiting, grab a rectangular tray and add a thin layer of cream to the bottom. Layer the lasagna sheets. When the beef is cooked, you can add it on top of the lasagna sheets and add more cream. Continue to create these layers until you think is enough. I usually make 4 layers of lasagna sheets and on the 2nd layer, I also add some of the parmesan. In the end, top it up with A LOT of cream and parmesan and it goes in the oven for about 40 minutes at 180°.

This is a heavy meal, but we don’t count calories on a special day, do we? I have to say I still prefer my recipe, but this is all about pampering my boo, so for this night only, I’ll put this lasagna first. Now, the best part of your date night has got to be the dessert! I mean, dessert can make it or break it, right? At least in our world! I have my heart set on the easiest tiramisu on earth, and that’s what I’ll be making! You only need 3 ingredients, yes, ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS! Would you like me to share this recipe with you? Let me know if yes in the comments and I’ll make a full post on this! But for now, I’m leaving you with heaven:


These, to me, are the easiest to make! And they look so pretty, yet so simple and quick to layer! I love the idea of eating from a glass – it makes the whole experience a whole lot more exciting, doesn’t it? – so these would be perfect for a date night!


I had to choose this one because red velvet – duh! And chocolate chips. And chocolate. And oreos. Oh. my. All in one? Please, give it to me, now! The difficulty level is about the same but it does take longer to make! If I would do these, I’d do them the day before Valentine’s, just so I wouldn’t have to worry about making everything in one afternoon! Food needs time and love, so don’t stress it! Make sure you have time for everything you choose to prepare!


And also, these cookies. Because why not! Cheesecake and Oreo put together definitely spells Valentine’s Date Night! And so here they are, just for you. How incredibly tasty these might be? I’m walking towards my kitchen now, so I’ll see you after devouring them all!

(These three recipes were found at: – each picture has its original website on the slideshow)

And for some of my other choices this year, I tried these for you:


Cut a triangular shape on top of a strawberry and cut it in half. Super easy, right?


You can then display them in a plate as you can see from what I did with mine, or you can add some whipped cream in the middle!


Yummm! In the end, as I hate wasting food, I got the tops I had removed previously, and cut them in smaller pieces. (There were still some pieces of strawberries, the same might happen with yours.) I put them in a glass, layered whipped cream on top and added chocolate chips and two of the previously heart-shaped cut strawberries. I think this one looks just as lovely!


Here you can see the layers!

Can it be Valentine’s already? I want all of these now!

Happy tastings, catreaders!

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