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Hi! My week on Valentine’s Day is getting to an end, but I didn’t want to finish this series without talking about gifts options, if that’s something you’re interested in! But first, check my previous posts, if you haven’t already! From outfits under 25€, dinner ideas, make-up options or even why I choose to celebrate it. There’s something for everyone’s taste! (I hope.) And to end this grandly, we shall talk about gifts!

I looked for a few ideas that you could do yourself and that would be easy and cheap! Because, after all, VDay is about spreading love, not your wallet. Shall we see what I’ve chosen for you? I trusted my best-friend Asos to help me out with this task, and Asos delivered it! These are chosen for anyone. Any human being. Enjoy!


A simple card. You can write anything you’d like on the inside, and I mean, how cute is this one? ‘You my sidekick for life’! Adorable!


I actually got my boyfriend this little kit for Christmas and he loved it! If your partner’s have a beard, this is a great thoughtful gift!


I’m in love with this mug! I think it’s so beautiful and for the tea or coffee lovers, another mug is always welcome!


I thought I should add an accessory because everyone loves accessories. Watches are practical, but this watch is sober and a nice touch to the life of the one you love.


This is such an adorable and comfy gift! And this colour is everything! Make someone’s child’s dreams happy and offer them this! They’ll die!



I mean, a foosball table. Who wouldn’t love this? I certainly would! And this price can beat anything!


I had a laugh and a ‘oww’ with these socks. The dinosaurs ones are just too cute! I love seeing cute socks. And maybe you’ll both have a laugh?


Now, just like the watch, I thought that a more personal gift can please many people. You can choose your lover’s anniversary month and offer them this beautiful ring! Mine is November and this its stone – each month has its own stone.


A book about beers cannot miss on this list. This book tells you about the 50 places that you have to visit to have a beer before you die. I love beer, and this would make me thrilled!


If your boo is sporty or likes to hit the gym every now and then, this bag could be the perfect gift! Don’t we all feel like having pizza after an intense workout? Is it just me?


Well, this one is very practical. We’re on the technologies era, which means we take our smartphones with us everywhere, even to the toilet! Instead of that, why don’t you offer this book to your loved one? I’m sure they’ll learn a lot! – you know, while pooing.

And then, if you have no money whatsoever, grab two spoons and do this:

Yes, my calligraphy is a disaster! I know… first time trying it!

Or if you feel like kissing a piece of paper for 20 minutes, do try this:

My lips are sore!

Well, and this wraps up our Valentine’s Day prep series! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you’ve found a few ideas you can try this year. Let me know if you’ve planned a whole day or a nice romantic dinner – or if you’re leaving it to your boo to prepare something this year! I’m certainly expecting a lot of love after all these creations just for him! Right, I’ll leave you with the funniest/best card from Asos:


Happy kissing, catreaders!

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