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Hi, lovelies! How was your weekend? Did you do something fun? Maybe something special? My weekend was very relaxing but also very exciting. We had tickets to a comedy show and we spent Saturday walking around Paris and shopping a little. The show was at 9pm but the in-laws came in to Paris early morning, so that they could spend the day with us – they live quite far. We ended up having a very nice day, even though the weather here was depressing. And I had a very good fish and chips at a restaurant in Montmartre; my day was complete! But enough about my weekend, today I’m very happy to share my most recent purchases at Feelunique! I’ve been trying these products for the past month, so I could tell you all about them! If you fancy new make-up, have a look.

The first few items I KNEW I had to buy were all Tanya Burr Cosmetics! I had loved her previous ones, so I wanted to try more. They’re so affordable yet look beautiful and classy! This time, I got her Peachy Glow Cheek Palette, her Cheek Illuminator, one nail polish and more of her individual lashes (that last the longEST!)


The Peachy Glow Cheek Palette
It has a mirror, which is practical

The Peachy Glow Palette has a contour shade, blusher and highlighter. The contour is really good on me. It’s a very soft brown on my skin and it blends beautifully. The blusher is a little too pink for me. I’d usually go for a darker undertone, but it is a beautiful pink. I still wear it and blend it very well.


You can’t almost see it, but it shines well with light

 The Cheek Illuminator was a first for me. I had always used a baked powder before, so to try on a lipstick-like highlighter was definitely the highlight of my day! I was worried it would be sticky on my face and that I would feel like 6 years old again, but not at all! You can use a brush to blend it – or not – but once it dries, you don’t feel it at all. And it makes you look so soft and fresh and ready for spring! I’ve been using it almost every day! I just cannot have enough!

Nail polish ‘Fairymother’

Another brand that I’m loving is Rimmel. It’s also very affordable and their make-up products are spot on! I bought an eyebrow kit called ‘Brow This Way’ – I mean, can we bow down at this name for a second? -, a nail polish and the Wake Me Up Concealer!



I got the eyebrow kit because I needed one, as simple as that! I don’t love brow pencils, so I wanted a powder. That’s just what I’m used to, and I wanted to continue the same way. I saw the Brow This Way and it was from Rimmel and it had a good price, so I bought it. I was pleasantly surprised. The colours are good and they last for a long time. The kit comes with two little brushes, but to be honest, I can’t use them – they’re really small and not practical, BUT if you’re on the go and you need to touch up your brows, that’ll do. I’ve never had to do throughout the day and I don’t think you will, but we never know. I was mostly surprised about the fact that the kit has a powder and a sort of coloured wax. I’ve tried both and I still prefer the powder, but sometimes I contour my brows with the wax and fill them in with the powder. Works great!


Now, I had bought a Rimmel nail polish last summer and I was very happy about it. It lasted well and it was easy to apply and dry. I saw this glittery one and I instantly needed it! Who doesn’t need glitter on their nails when it’s pouring rain? Again, easy to apply, but it is low coverage (which says on the website) so if you’re looking into a super glitter nail, don’t go for this one.


Shade ‘Ivory’

And last, but by no means late, I bought a concealer. I had heard amazing things about the Wake Me Up Concealer, so I decided to try this one. I had been using the Lasting Perfection Collection Concealer and I liked it a lot, but I noticed it would crack throughout the day under my eyes. Again, Rimmel did not disappoint. I don’t know if it’s my skin type or whatnot, but the Wake Me Up works beautifully under my eyes and does not crack – mission accomplished!

The other brand I decided to try was Fleur De Force. I had never heard about it before, but the products are SO cheap, I bought it anyway. I got a lipgloss and an eyeshadow quad. The lipgloss is so smooth and tastes amazing! It doesn’t last long but the wand is good, so it’s very easy to reapply. And the eyeshadow are so beautiful. I’m a sucker for pink tones, so this quad is just a perfect everyday look for me. Very blendable and good pigmentation! Would buy another 4 set!


1st on the left on top; 1st on the left on the bottom; 2nd right top; 2nd right bottom


And the last item I purchased was from Topshop! And another dark lip colour? Yes. I know! But can you have too many? I don’t think so! And I was intrigued by this format, so I had to try it! The formula is very good and your lips will be very soft and feel glamorous! Give it a try in any shade!


Did you like these products? Have you tried any of them before? Will you try any? I’m so happy to have bought these and can’t wait to place another order on Feelunique!


Happy new purchases, catreaders!

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