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Hi, beautiful*s! How are you and how was your weekend? Mine was busy, busy, busy! We’re in the process of moving to another city, so I haven’t been giving enough attention to you here. I do promise to do a full week on moving to another country/city, which I’ve done many times before so I do believe I have a few tips for you! But today I’m bringing you something amazing, relaxing and exciting! And you’re guessing right if you’ve read the title beforehand! It’s the Sephora Facial Masks!

I was first given these as a gift for Christmas (2015). I’m a skeptical when it comes to facial masks like these ones because I’m super attached to my green clay ones. But I have to say I did like these! And I repurchased them and I even got them again on my birthday last year!


These are fiber masks with the format of your face and with cuts for your eyes and nose and mouth. You get the picture, right? Sephora has many different kinds and they all smell amazing! When my skin is acting out or I feel like relaxing, I use one of these. You can choose from moisturising, anti-ageing, anti-fatigue, brightening, tightening, cleansing pores, etc! There’s one for any situation! I just prep my skin by washing my face, removing any make-up if I have any and put on the mask for about 15 minutes. Let’s be honest though, I probably leave it for 5-10 more minutes than what it says on the package, but they are that amazing. I also love the fact that when you remove them, you clearly feel your skin tighter and cleaner. I don’t like any facial masks that don’t have any sort of effect straight away. I need to feel the results!

Have you tried any of these? Do you like them? Do you have any other masks you love and would recommend? Write all your thoughts down in the comments section!

Put on a mask, light a candle, and let Ed Sheeran on replay

Happy masks, catreaders!

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