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Hi, beauties! How are you feeling today? This weather has been terrible around here and I really miss the sun and warmth and tanned skin! So today I’ll talk about how I prepare a trip. I’ll be talking about the flights, specifically, but if you want me to, in the next few posts I can share with how I book my trips to be the cheapest they can!


First of all, I start by checking flights a long time before I actually want them. I plan my trips probably around 4 or 5 months beforehand. I don’t book the tickets this ahead, but I start checking prices and hotels and blog posts about that city or country a few months before. I like being prepared! So, from that moment onwards, I check flights prices at least once a week. I use Skyscanner to first check what direct flights I have and have an overall look at the prices. I also take note of what airlines I might use. There was a study that proved that if you book your flight one month and a half before the date on a Tuesday at 3pm, that will be the cheapest you’ll get. Well, I’ve tried a dozen of times and I’m still not sure if this works, but it is certain that the longer you wait and keep checking, the more expensive your tickets will get. Airlines keep a record of what countries you’re looking into and dates too, so they’ll make it more expensive for you. Use the private tab in your browser so that cookies are not activated. Moreover, after checking Skyscanner, go directly into the airline’s website. Do not buy tickets from a second-party website. EVER! It will increase the price right when you’re about to check-out. Be careful.

And there you go! To sum up, 1 month and a half before you have to fly, use the private tab and keep checking the better connections and times. Flying on weekdays is also the cheapest. Tuesdays and Thursdays being the cheapest of all! Where will you travel next? Do you have any plans? I can’t wait for the summer time! I need to be warm and getting tanned!


Happy travellings, catreaders!

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