Organisation tips!

Hello, lovelies! Happy Spring, everyone! It has finally arrived, even if here it doesn’t look like it! How are you these days? I have to give you my deepest apologies for not being active these last few weeks! I have been crazy busy with moving to another city and had a trip back to Portugal for a few days in the middle of all this. I am now, finally, in my new place but not everything is perfect and as I want it to be. Slowly and soon, it will! I will also do a full week on the topic of moving to another country or city and I’ll tell you what I’ve learnt through these years and share some tips and advice with you too! But today, let’s talk about organisation!

I am truly a Claire Dunphy with a tab on Organisation Porn on my laptop and I am not ashamed! I love organising and when I take some ‘me times’ they most times than not, involve clearing out drawers or organising folders or anything that includes a nice pattern or in alphabetical order! I won’t say I’m the best at organising, but I definitely try my best! I feel like I’ve gathered over the years a few cool and easy ideas of how to fix unruly houses, so I decided to share them with you! If this is something that interests you, keep reading!

One thing that I love having organised for easier use, is my make-up! I decided I didn’t want to spend money on real dividers, so I reused a Lipton Tea Box structure to separate a few products:

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The third picture is not one of my drawers, I got it online, but you get the idea! In our new home, I still haven’t gotten the chance of redoing this hack, but I will soon because it was really handy!

Another thing I have to have organised are my brushes and daily go-to make-up! For these I bought very cheap containers and even reused a candle holder!



Now, another tip if you really want to invest time in your make-up collection is you can glue a magnet to the bottom of your products so they sit still inside these metal containers.

The magnet inside this cap


Something else that I did was to divide everything in the kitchen. I used glass jars and I think they’re look pretty and easier to use.

Don’t mind the labels!

Wardrobe space. Oh. My. I don’t seem to have enough of wardrobe space. I bought 2 more chest of drawers and I still don’t have enough space! So one has to be creative. Here’s what I did!


Now I not only have hanging space, but also for shirts and blouses and whatnots. Also, these extra simple dividers for your underwear (or others) from Ikea:

1,5£/ 3 pack

Or even add extra storage to your room with boxes:

Check out a lot of options from Ikea

And you can add these sort of boxes anywhere you’d like! I have 1 under my bathroom sink so I can keep some medicines dry and safe. I, then, found a few cool hacks/tips on how to keep a few other annoying things tidy and organised. The first is using shower curtain hooks to hang your scarves! How handy!



But also more on make-up organisation tools:

Blog here

And also some super easy ideas from When I’m lacking inspiration or when I really new a new creative way to organise a space or find a better way to do it, I check these blogs or Pinterest and I always find something that works and is cheap – also, so much fun to do! And what about you? Do you like organising? Will you do a Spring clean?

Happy organisation porn, catreaders!

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