Let’s grab coffee in Porto!

Hi, beauties! Today’s THE day! I am finally talking about the greatest, the most beautiful, the most enchanting, the most charming, the most loveable, the BEST, you know it, the city of Porto! Why did it take me so long to write about it, you ask? Well, I have to confess, I wanted it to be perfect. I have a lot of proving to make to my best friends, whom have never been to Porto. Nor even to Portugal. Crazy, I know! But they will soon visit and I want to give them an extra taste of what they’ll get here. I teamed up with one of my best friends and one of my favourite people in the world – also the best photographer on earth! – and she’s providing her stunning photos to this post. If you want to be bewildered, keep reading!

I’m in love with Porto since pretty much I was born, because – duh! – I was born there. But the years went by and I got to travel and love other cities. However, I can honestly say, no other city has a piece of my soul, as Porto does. You see, you can live here, you can walk around here every day for 10 years, but you will always find something new to look at or something unique to inspire you. I’ll leave you to appreciate these beautiful photos.


At Avenida dos Aliados.


At Avenida dos Aliados.


At Mercado Ferreira Borges (now Hard Club, very popular in the city)


At Sé Catedral do Porto – it is the most suburb thing on the inside! Definitely a must!


At Palácio de Cristal. – one of my favourite places in the world! The gardens there are just to die for! Whether it’s in Summer or Winter (or Autumn or Spring for that matter) your eyes will be starving for more.

I often say that any city can be beautiful at night because the lights make them look magical; but when a city’s even more beautiful during daylight, it’s gotta be the best European Destination, right?


I still adore it at night, so here you go. Another magnificent shot!


And that is all for today! However, Ana and I will be teaming up again to make sure you get to know a whole lot more of Porto and our favourite places! If you’re visiting soon, let me know in the comments where you’d like to visit!

Ana’s info (click on the symbols) – make sure you check out her social media for more beautiful breathtaking photos:



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Happy Porto’ing, catreaders!

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