Super Quick Dip for your Veggies | Cookat Time

Hey, cuties! How are you feeling today? The weather’s been so bad here! I think this start to Spring isn’t really the best one, but we just have to accept, don’t we? So, today I decided to bring you something so easy and quick to do, but something that will definitely make your life easier when you have to go to a friend’s house and you don’t have a bottle of wine around the house or you want to take something different and healthy! I first saw this dip at a friend’s party and I was shocked how something so simple could be gone so fast – everyone loved it! So, I had to show it to you!

Here in France, everyone has crème fraîche in their houses, so this dip is definitely easy for those who always have it, but my healthiest option is to use Greek yogurt! All you have to do is add a pinch of salt (to the crème fraîche) and the spices you love! I usually go for black pepper, parsley and oregano – because pizza! But I know that here in France, they love to add pepper and chive.



Then, chop some veggies! I prefer carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers or cucumbers, but I think this would go great with any vegetable!


Mix the herbs and the heavy cream or the yogurt:


And voilà! You can put the dip into cute little glasses and it’s ready to serve!

And there you have it! The simplest, easiest, best dip you can throw together in less than 3 minutes and surprise your host or guests with! What do you think about this? Have you tried it before? I love it! Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family!

Happy dip’ping, catreaders!

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