Moving to another city/country | Finding the right place!

Hi, loves! How are you feeling today? It’s a new week and great things are to come! Let’s start this week with a smile on our faces and with an open heart! As promised, today I’m writing about moving to another city or country. This will be a week’s series and I’ll talk about a few things I find important to think of or do before, during and after you’ve moved to your new place! Today, I’ll start with the most important step of all: finding the right place for you!

I always start by looking up the area I need or want to live in and choose a neighbourhood or district that suits me both financially and geographically (if I have to take public transports every day, for example). For example, this last time, I chose the best neighbourhood in this city for us, thinking of supermarkets, green parks, gyms, social life and price range. Once I had the neighbourhood chosen, I looked up online announces of rental apartments and always tried choosing renting from a particular to avoid expensive fees from an agency. I always select the price range to a maximum of 50€ less of what we would be able to pay because that’s money we can save, no. 1, but also we can fall in love with one of the cheaper ones, and even if not, we still have that margin to look for more if the first attempt isn’t successful.

Then, I gather around 15 possibilities. I do this because there will always be some apartments that will be accepted for other people or also a few that we might not get a visit. Especially this time, we were only available for one weekend, so our chances of having many visits and take our time weren’t the greatest. In the end, we visited 9 apartments and I feel like that’s a big number, even though 2 of those were scheduled last minute, when the owners called us saying the other couples interested were no longer being considered. The day or days before visiting the apartments/houses, I suggest making a little list of pros and cons and necessities or things you just would love to have in your new place. My list was this one:

Don’t mind the Sat at 11pm – clearly, I wasn’t focused.

This way, I filled out these when visiting each place and in the end, it was easier to make a choice. Once I’ve visited the place, I also score the street (how it feels like and if it’s a big avenue or more quiet), the building (its facade and elevator or not and how it looked like in general) and the facilities close by, like supermarkets and a gym or a bakery. Moreover, remember that we all have different budgets, but you can still choose the place that makes you feel the best at; this is what made us choose our new apartment. We both feel extremely happy and comfortable here and as soon as we stepped in the place, we knew it had to be ours.

I hope that your move is as smooth as easy as it can be and that you found here some tips on how to find the right place for you! Thank you for reading and until next time.

Happy findings, catreaders!

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