Moving to another city/country | Packing your life!

Hi, everyone! How are you feeling today? Shall we continue talking about moving? If you haven’t read my article no. 1, do it here!

Yes, this is the most difficult step of all, for sure! But don’t despair! I’ve come bearing tips for you! This process can be such a long and boring one, but we have to do it anyway, so you better do it the easiest way and prepare yourself correctly!

To pack our entire lives, we started by getting free cartoon boxes from a shop – where? Ikea, national supermarkets brands, any decoration or DIY retailer, etc. All we did was ask them and we got as many boxes and sizes as we wanted. And the next step is: pack away! This process was both fun and extremely tiring and stressful. It was super fun seeing our tiny apartment get emptier and emptier, but it was definitely a Tetris game fitting everything into boxes and bags and plastic bags. We tried dividing things according to their room in the house, so it would be easier to unpack. I can’t imagine packing our lives now, seeing we have an apartment triple the size of the other. After everything being packed – prepare the sellotape! – we had to rent a van so we could take all the bigger items we had. Remember we only had one weekend to do all this, so we needed to be practical and quick.

Behold the many bags, boxes, backpacks and more!

If you’re moving to another country, I’m sure it would be best to have things taken away slowly and not at once, but you can also rent a van to take away your bigger things. If you can’t handle all this trouble, just sell everything! You won’t get the same amount you paid for your things, but at least you can buy everything new for your new place! Exciting, ha? I think next time we move, that’s what we’ll do, except for our bed and mattresses, maybe, because we totally spent all our fortunes on them – and they’re amazing, totally worth it!

So, there you have it! How we’ve done it! Mind you, then, we had to unpack everything and it took me 2 full weeks to finally have everything unpacked and in the right place! My! Such hard work! Let me know in the comments if you’re moving out soon and how you’re handling everything!

Happy packings, catreaders!

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