Moving to another city/country | Important documents

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? 3 days straight where the sun has decided to come out, amazing! I love working during sunny days and even feel like going out more! Does this happen to you too? Today, I’m continuing my series ‘Moving to another city/country’ – read the first two here and here.

And today, I’ll be talking about some important documents that you need to get sorted before you leave your old place and when you move in to your new one. The most important of all, and to me, the most appropriate to start with is ending your rental contract. Usually, you need to fill in some papers and send them out 3 months beforehand. Be careful with this, because you don’t want to be paying for 2 houses at the same time, just because you forgot to end your lease early. Our contract was a little different than normal and only requested a month ahead, so we were lucky.

Then, remember to change addresses to any subscription magazines or boxes you have. This was such a rocky mistake I made, but thankfully, we went back to our apartment a week after we moved and I got to get my mail and then changed the addresses. This might be something anyone would remember, but clearly not me, so hey! I’m just keeping you on the alert!

Obviously, you’ll need to sign the new contract and all, so you better have some photocopies of your ID or Passport and some with your bank details ready. If you have someone backing you up financially, have their information ready too. You will need at some point and it’s better to be ready to just hand in everything.

Also, just remember to update any house charges or even change banks. I’m sure it depends on your country, but here in France you sign a contract with an electricity company, for example, and when you move, you need to update it to your new place.


And these are the official, important documents we had to take care of! Do you remember any others? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!

Happy document’ings, catreaders!

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