Moving to another city/country | Make it home!

Hi, beauties! How are you doing today? The sun’s still going strong, much to my appreciation! It really makes the process of moving and getting to know your new place a whole lot easier! Today I’ll be talking about making it your home! Something I’m always looking forward to when moving. Read my parts 1, 2 and 3, if you haven’t already.

So, the entire process of moving is exhausting and you can take a long time to adapt to your new home. I know I do. So, what I try to do since day 1, is make it mine! What I mean with this is, I decorate it and organise it as much as I can, as much as I like, so that I’ll feel comfy faster.

Do anything that makes you feel happy and homie. Hang art on the walls. Use new bedsheets. Organise everything from the kitchen to your room. Buy candles! Buy a plant! Make a feast for your family! Invite friends over! I mean, you see the picture. Just do anything you’d normally do. For me, decorating and organising makes me feel really good. I also like to just watch TV and read a book in bed (well, I had to do these in bed because we didn’t have a couch), so now, I do these on the couch! It may seem something so simple and basic, but trust me, it really does help with settling in. What do you think of these? And what do you do to make yourself at home? Let me know in the comments!

Things that make me feel at home: Tea. Smoothies. Organising. Selfies. Cleaning. Walks to see the sunset.

Happy hom’ing, catreaders!

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