Garnier Moisture Bomb

Hi, Monday! Hi, lovelies! How was your beginning to this week? Too difficult? I always find it funny when all my students tell me you know, it’s the first day back to work, so there’s a lot to do. Then, on Thursday, they’re already saying, well, it’s the end of the week, so there’s a lot to do. I mean, I get it. I do feel the same, but I try to think of Monday as my best friend and on Thursday all I focus on is the weekend! Is that trying to be too positive of me? Either way, we all do our best to drag ourselves to the weekend! And to help you, read ‘your face’, to feel apt to a whole new week, I’m telling you all about a new best friend of mine.


It’s the GARNIER MOISTURE BOMB! Yes, very exciting! I bought this cream because my skin has been having some issues. Not over-dramatising it, no. I’m even being followed by a dermatologist now. But anyway, putting that aside, my facial skin has been very very dry. And I now have a combination skin, and I’ve always had had an oily type. This proved to be a big problem when I applied my foundation because, especially on my forehead, my skin would become very flaky and the foundation would crack. If you’re thinking it’s probably the foundation, don’t worry, it’s not. I’ve always used it and since then even tried a few others, just in case!

Long story short, I had to try to fix this. I went on a run for a super hydrating moisturising cream and even though I found amazing ones, they all cost an entire house. That’s when I saw this Garnier one. And it only cost me 9,99€! I decided to follow the instructions religiously – well, I did it twice a day instead of just once, but hey, I wanted to be safe! I applied it in the morning after cleaning my face and at night after removing all my make-up. Just a pump is enough for all my face AND neck. You can see the exact instructions below:


 This has been life changing! Trust me, it’s amazing for a drugstore product! I’m loving it! Give it a go if you’re having some skin issues yourself and thank me later!

Happy Garniers, catreaders!

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