Easter Beauty | Outfits, Make-up & Hairstyles

Hi, loves! How are you doing today? I’m super psyched that Easter is coming and we’re halfway through this week! The weather’s great too! What else could we ask for? Clothes! And looks for Easter day, right? So, that’s what I’m bringing you today! A few items that I chose from different brands (one per brand – I gave myself that little challenge!), items that I would love to wear myself this Sunday! But also, my choice of make-up and hairstyle! Any links will be provided after the photos, enjoy!


I love this playsuit! It’s cozy and fresh and I love the cool print! It feels so easy to wear this while hanging out with your fam!


The pale pink colour is PERFECT for Spring! I chose this coat because it appears to be a very light fabric, which is great because I’m not really sure how the weather will turn out to be on Sunday. It’s been so springy and warm, but I’ve seen somewhere that it will rain. So, perfect add-on to your outfit!


And could you not accessorize on Easter? Oh my, you really don’t understand how I love this floral print! I really should tone down a notch, shouldn’t I? I’m too hyped this season, but having the sun out every single day of the week doesn’t help. I like decent sized bags, but I also don’t want to drag a huge one around all day. This model would be on point for me.

Sansdcc titre

I am in LOVE with these sandals! They look so comfy yet so trendy right now! I must get a pair for my closet! I kind of wish they were mustard though – I am completely utterly obsessed with mustard right now (the colour, not the sauce). Don’t judge, a’ight?


Oh my, talk about embroidery! This off the shoulder blouse speaks casual classic to me! It is long sleeved, so you know, if it turns out to be raining, you’ll still be warm enough. And the flowers just lighten up the whole top.

Now that I’ve chosen outfits, I want to decide what to do with my face! I decided to go with a fresh bright face. For my eyes, I used the new Cocoa Blend by Zoeva! It really has beautiful shades that scream Spring to me, so I had to use it!


And then for my face, I just did my simple daily routine but added extra on the highlighter!


And the last step is what to do with my hair! I have to say, I’m the worst with hairdos! I just can’t be bothered! The maximum I’ll do is twist a few strings from the sides and tie them at the back. So, I can’t say I’ll do much more this time. However, I really want to try long beachy waves (instead of my natural tighter curls). I checked this video by Vivian V on YouTube:

Amazing, right? And all without any curlers or iron! But, if you’re feeling a little lazy – like I always am when it comes to doing my hair – I would try the Beach Blond Spray from John Frieda (it’s amazing!) or the BB Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble. I love these both because they’re super affordable and actually work!

So, these are some of my choices for Easter Day! And what about yours? Do you have any suggestions or ideas on what you’ll be wearing and what make-up you’ll be using? Let me know in the comments!

Happy beaut’ing, catreaders!

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