Easter Table Decor

Hi, bunnies! Aren’t you super excited for Easter? Oh my! I so am! Yesterday we talked about beauty and today we’ll continue hot & pretty at the table! Yes, that’s right! Let’s talk about table art!

I love a good table. I feel like it’s such a big statement when you impress your family and friends with a beautiful table. What I love are huge bouquets of flowers in the centre and elegance all around them. Whites and silver or gold make me! The following images are my top 3 picks!

link here

This first one is very simple and sleek. I love the white flowers in the middle, even if they’re not a big statement, they still add something to the table. And the baby blue plates are beautiful! I love the unordinary shape and colour!

link here

Can we please focus on this beautiful centrepiece? It screams Spring, Easter, family, chocolate eggs, all at once! Still very simple and elegant, but with more pops of colour! Still very simple and light colours, just perfect for Easter Day!

link here

I have to say this is my favourite of all! I see gold, pink, white, … what else would I want in my Easter table? I feel like this one is so strong and bold but at the same time so exquisite, that’s why I love it. Check out the website and you’ll see more details of this amazing table art!

I feel like I would do all these 3 together. I love the elegance and simplicity of white with pops of colour and the Easter eggs as decoration too! What about you? Which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

Happy table art’ing, catreaders!

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