What’s in my bag

Hi, loves! So, today I decided to bring you something very different for me and something I love reading about and watching on YouTube, so I wanted to try it myself! And it’s – as you may have seen in the title – what’s in my bag! I do apologize for the mess and if you’re sensible to trash and unorganized situations, please do NOT watch! My bag’s a mess. Oh, yes. Strictly-organised-me always has a messy bag!

Here we go! First of all, I always have a book with me. I do worry when leaving the house that I might have to wait for something or just have a few minutes not doing anything, so I keep it for those situations. I can’t say I’ve always read one when I have the chance, but I just feel the need of carrying one all the time.


Then, I always have tons of lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms in my bag. Lipstick is something I actually reapply during the day, and I love having soft lips, so I always carry choices with me. I don’t usually have any other type of make-up product with me, though. I never felt the need of reapplying something throughout the day/night. But if I do go on a special event, I’d take a powder with me too.


Also, tissues. Just because. And perfume. I used to carry a deodorant but eventually, I switched that for a bottle of perfume. I like this one because it is so small, it’s not an added weight to the bag. Also, the smell – duh!

Hair ties. Pens, lots of pens. And then, notebooks or agendas.



Sunglasses. Because otherwise, I’d lose them, so they need to always be in my bag. Ready to go. And sunscreen. This is a recent add-on to my bag and it is doctor’s orders, unfortunately. But hey, we can always use the protection!


Pills. Allergy pills and ibuprofen. I hate taking medication, but these two I’ll allow myself to once a month (ibuprofen) and whenever an emergency (allergy ones). I always keep some with me because the thing I hate the most is needing some out of the blue and having to buy more when I have a big supply at home – always.


And obviously, and boring, my purse where I keep all my cards, and keys.


And that’s all, guys! I hope you enjoyed peeking at my bag. I’m sure you all have lots you keep with you all the time, just let me know what you can’t survive without in the comments!

Happy Monday, catreaders!

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