Cubanisto & Hoegaarden – My summer drinks

Hello, beauties! How are you doing? It’s Wednesday, which means only 2 more days till the weekend! I really hope the weather continues this amazing, otherwise we won’t be able to walk around and visit the castles during the weekend! How is your week going so far?

So, we’ll continue to talk about some of my favourite drinks, if you haven’t read the Innocent post, go ahead! And today, I’ll be talking about Cubanisto and Hoegaarden. Cubanisto is a rum flavoured beer. I love rum and I love beer, so what could be better than these two together?

found here
found here

They come in these super cool bottles, where you can see the eyes of the skull through the front of the bottle but they’re actually printed at the back. Cool illusion, I say! Moreover, they glow in the dark, wait, what? Yes! They GLOW in the dark! And they taste amazing! Trust me! Go and get one, right now!

Ok, so I’m also completely addicted to Hoegaarden Rosé! I never thought I’d like a fruity beer, but oh my god! They’re deliciously amazing! So easy to drink and so cooling! I can’t wait to drink these in the summer time! Even though, beer tastes good all year round, right? Check out all their other beers here. They even have one made from green tea, what!

found here

I also love that this is a Belgian beer, maybe because we might be moving there, but who knows? Give this a go if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it!

Happy beer drinking, catreaders!


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