Liptonic & Water

Hi, everyone! How are you doing today? So, of course the amazing weather didn’t come to last more than 48h. Are we happy with that? No! Do we miss the pollens in the air and swollen face? No! So, I guess I can’t complain much, but I do hope the weekend will turn out to be a little better! Do you have any plans for yours already? Let me know!

Let’s continue talking about my favourite drinks! I wrote about Innocent smoothies and Cubanisto and Hoegaarden, if you still haven’t tried them, shame on you! Right, so this one is a weird combination for sure. But I had to talk about Liptonic, because I have never seen it anywhere else other than in France, and I’ve been wondering if any of you have tried this before! I discovered this Lipton Sparkly Ice Tea because my boyfriend was obsessed with it last year. I don’t like Ice Tea, but I love anything sparkly so I gave it a go and was quite surprised! The taste is exactly the same but with bubbles. And the bubbles make a huge difference! You know, at least for me! Go ahead and try it, and thank me later!

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Also, to end this segment on my favourite different and exciting drinks, I HAD to talk about water. And I love water. I actually drink about 2.5lt of water a day, and I love it! Does this make me sound nuts? I mean, I gave you Cubanisto and Liptonic and smoothies and super juices, and here I am, talking about water. I mean, I really do love it, even though I have a few quirks about how I like my water. Here we go: I like my water from the fridge. Ehm, yeah. All year round. I cannot have water otherwise. If it’s not cold enough, I can’t drink it. And I don’t mind drinking from the tap if it’s good – I grew up drinking from the tap because we have really good water where I was raised. The thing about getting water from the tap is it’s usually not cold enough for me, and if I’ll make the effort of drinking it, I need to open the facet full on, all the beautiful pressure coming off, and that’s the only way I accept having a full glass of water. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy and he’s tried fooling me with non-full-on-pressured water – na-ah! I know the difference!


I feel like I rambled so much about water and this is probably making me an official crazy lady, so I’ll stop here. But hey, water is great, water is the best! What about you? Any quirks? Any preferences? Any drinks you just love? Let me know!

Happy hydrating, catreaders!

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