Packing to go on holiday!

Hi, everyone! How are you doing today? It is warm, warm, warm in here! What about in your countries? I decided to write about this topic today because I do have to pack to go to Venice very soon! So, I thought this would be – possibly – a helpful post for others, now that the summer time is coming!

When I pack, I try to pack clothes and products I know I will for sure use/need. I often travel with low-cost companies and the luggage they allow is not huge. Meaning, you cannot pack your entire life in just one suitcase. So, you need to be smart. And organised! What I try to do is pack 1 outfit for both days of travelling (being comfortable on the airplane is really important! And who cares if you’re wearing the same outfit!) I, then, do 1 blouse/top a day but only 2 or 3 bottoms (or more, depending on how many days you’re actually travelling for.) I mix and match. The standard suitcase for low-cost flights will allow you to pack around 7-8 blouses (summer-y ones), 2-3 shorts, 1 pair of jeans, 2 thin light-weight jackets and maybe 2 pairs of sandals (preferably flats) and a make-up bag. And this is what I do. I tend to be too greedy every single time, but end up giving up on a few items that I would never wear! I have to admit I pack way too much make-up but I like to have choices too. And I always pack pills, snacks, a book, earphones, chargers, a notebook and some pens and tissues. These usually come with me in my purse because they are important and useful to have with you in the airplane.


I think we all pack differently and according to our likes and dislikes and needs, however I think it’s important to always check the weather in where you’re travelling to and pack a nice pair of trainers – all those times I wanted mine and never had them. And remember, do not overpack. It will be an added stress to your trip! What about you? Tell me what you always have to pack in your suitcase! What wouldn’t you be able to live without?

Happy packing, catreaders!

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