The Secrets of Happiness by Lucy Diamond

Hi, everyone! Another book I’ve been very excited about! I loved this book! I loved it so much, I bought more books by Lucy Diamond right after I finished it! That is saying a lot, coming from me! I never really repeated authors. Don’t ask me why, I know it’s silly, but I just buy books because of the book itself but never had thought about the author. Even worse is realising I want to be an author myself, and I wasn’t giving other authors the attention they truly deserve! Lucy Diamond is really one of them!

‘The Secrets of Happiness’ shares the story of two stepsisters who don’t get along but fate will bring them back together, whether Rachel likes it or not. Rachel is the older one and a beautifully deep character. She’s divorced, the reason being one of the whys she does not want to have a relationship with her stepsisters and has 3 children. She’s strong, empowered, independent and loves her children above all. She’s the perfect one. At least that’s what it seems like to everyone else around her. And then, there’s Becca, the likeable sister, who any reader can identify with. She’s clumsy and artsy and is navigating through life after her stepdad died. I say she’s the likeable one because at first, Rachel seems too up in herself and you might dislike her a little.

Due to a reason I will let you find out for yourself, Rachel has to travel to another city in the UK, and ends up getting mugged and knocked down. She’s taken to the hospital and when she wakes up, she doesn’t remember much about her life nor can she talk. For this reason, Becca is called to take care of her 3 children, even if they haven’t talked in a few years. Becca then spends a few weeks taking care of the 3 children, Rachel when she eventually goes back home and can’t move, and Rachel’s business, which she had started not long before. The book tells us what happens in those weeks and how Rachel and Becca’s relationship grows into something they had never thought possible.

I think this book hit me emotionally because it’s about two sisters who have to face some difficult and unexpected challenges in their lives and they eventually learn that they are better at dealing with them together. Please read it if you want to be involved and gripped into a story that will forever change your heart and teach you to remember that others have problems that you’ll never be able to see or guess.

Happy readings, catreaders!

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