The Hidden Secrets of Venice

Hey, guys! So I was in Venice this week and of course I had tons of fun and the city is beautifully colourful and peaceful – yes, even with the thousands of tourists! I really enjoyed the days we spent there and today I’m going to talk about a start-up called Localguddy, which is a way of travelling with a local person/buddy/guide and they can show you around or take you out to the best restaurants.

When I got in touch with Emre, the founder of Localguddy, I immediately realised this was going to be a great experience! He’s so quick to reply,  friendly and very helpful. If you have any problem with the website, you can easily contact him for further information. From the moment we discussed a tour around Venice until I had booked it and organised everything, exactly 20 hours had passed. Everything is fast and functional and the website is easy to use. You can choose from many many tours or discover local dishes cooked by your Guddy or even pub crawl around the city. The options are at your fingertips. All you need to do is to access their website, choose the city you’re travelling to and see the many options you have.



You can always speak to a Guddy before you pay for their tour. Ask as many questions as you’d like and you can even ask them to alter their tour a little to suit your interests. Beatrice (our Guddy) asked us straight away what we had seen so far, so she wouldn’t show us places we’d been before. It wasn’t the case, but I think it was great of her to ask anyway. Again, you can also ask questions to Emre and I’m sure he’ll be helpful. Not only does Localguddy offer tours with locals, but you can also ask questions to fellow travellers or Guddys in the discussion tab.

Here’s the website:

And my Guddy’s tour:

‘alternative to traditional city tours’

I also wanted to ask Emre a few questions to help you understand this platform from the eyes of whom created it. You can read my questions and Emre’s answers here:

  1. Why did you start Localguddy?
    “I was hosting at my flat many foreigner friends, and I was showing them around in my free time, but when I had to go to work or school, they were trying to explore the city themselves. They were going to backstreets and getting lost or going to only most touristic places… While discussing this with them, we came up with the idea.
  2. What made you think this would be a success?
    We didn’t start it to be succesful actually. We started because we believed that if there is such a platform we would love to use it ourselves 🙂
  3. How are you building it?
    We are building all the platform by ourselves and with the help of our community. They invite their friends, give us feedback, advice, etc.
  4. Where do you see Localguddy in 5 years?
    Hopefully, we will manage to reach millions of travelers each year and become an alternative to traditional city tours.
  5. When will you introduce more cities to it?
    It is always growing actually, we expand the platform to new countries and new cities every week.
  6. Why this name and how do you pronounce it?
    Guddy is a combination of Guide and Buddy 🙂

Emre then sent me a voice message of how to pronounce it. Local as in /ˈloʊkəl/ and Guddy as in /’gʌdi/. There you go! Moreover, if you’d like to make extra money, whilst meeting new people, why not sign up to be a Guddy yourself? It is an easy process and you can make some extra cash. Check the website for more info!

And now, the most interesting part for you, you can win a tour in the city of your choice for FREE! Just let me know in the comments you want one and in a couple of days, I’ll choose a person at random to go and check Localguddy and visit a city for FREE, of course! I will soon share more on Venice and all the beautiful photos we took! Keep an eye here!

Happy Localguddy’ing, catreaders!

PS: this post contains sponsored links, however the opinions shared are 100% mine and from my experience.


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