Sprayers – Other uses!

Hi, beautiful people! How are you doing? Ready for another week? Here in France it’s a public holiday, so we had a long weekend, which I must say, felt wonderful! And today I’m bringing you a little hack I decided to start using in the kitchen.

This is such a simple hack that could help you control your oil use. Even though olive oil is a healthy kind of fat, I still want to be careful with how much I use, so I thought that using a spray bottle would be a lot easier! I bought this at IKEA in the flowers and vases section – because it is meant to be used to water your plants, but we’re just going to give it another use!


Instead of pouring a liter of oil on your veggies, for example, you can just spray a little on top of them! This is obviously not innovative, because there are spray bottles with the oil inside that you can buy at the supermarket, but I decided to make my own! It is a lot cheaper and works just the same! And now, I can just splash a little oil when I’m baking my veggies or chicken in the oven. Have you tried this before?

Happy spraying, catreaders!

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