The Time of Our Lives by Jane Costello

Hi, everyone! How are you feeling today? It has finally rained around here! I couldn’t stand the pollens in the air anymore! I have a huge array of allergies, so this weather/season kills me every single day. But enough complaining! Today, I’m VERY excited to talk about ‘The Time of Our Lives’ by Jane Costello! I told you I had bought more of her books, didn’t I? So, here’s one other!

‘The Time of Our Lives’ is the perfect summer read! It talks about three women, all friends, who win a trip to Barcelona! I mean, Barcelona sets the tone for this delightful yet hazardous trip! Imogen is the main character and she’s focused on her work 24/7. She has a daughter, whom she loves and is completely devoted to, however her second devotion is her work. What we find out through the entire book is that she cannot enjoy herself and relax in what is supposed to be the holiday of her lifetime. To be honest, this bothered me a little whilst reading. I mean, there’s a huge crisis at her work, but she can NOT put her phone down. I think this upset me because I have clear limits on my work and my relaxing time or family time and, to me, it really is clear how she does not have limits at all. She is a fun and very relatable character, she has insecurities, but works hard and wants the best for her daughter. She has a complicated past, which we slowly get to know – if you’ve read it, did you expect what happened in her life? I have to say I did. The way the words lingered when describing it, her feelings, I just knew it!

“Falling in love instantly is just not possible. You have to let someone grow on you.” – The Time of Our Lives

Then we have two very well built characters, Nic and Meredith. Costello touches the subject of homosexuality with Nic’s character and shows us her struggles. I think it is SO important we have female homosexual characters – I believe homosexual males are easier accepted in society nowadays and we need to change that. Meredith, on the other hand, is our party girl, pregnant… Yes, pregnant. She has an inner debate whether she’ll be a good mum throughout the whole stay in Barcelona. I think this was so interesting to read too, because there we have Imogen, a great mum, and then Meredith, who’s still struggling to find herself as a mummy-to-be. For me, it felt very real to see Meredith’s worries and doubts, which I feel any first mum will have. But also, the reassurance Imogen gives her, explaining she’s scared every day, and every day she has to try her best. I don’t know… I guess the moments Imogen and Meredith spent together talking about this touched me deeply – maybe because of my fears!

“There are some nights when you’ve spent so long analysing things that all that’s left to do is get drunk.” – The Time of Our Lives

So, the three girls go to the most luxurious trip/hotel they’ve ever been to, and a series of mishaps unrolls and they’ll test Imogen and her strength. Since this is a chick-lit novel, there is a guy, of course. I liked their relationship and its growth in the novel. It’s a summer affair in the beginning, but it also has many more layers to it – and will they be together in the end? You will have to find out! This book is really hard to put down. You want to know what’s the big issue going on at Imogen’s work, you want to know if she’s ever going to relax and enjoy sunny Barcelona, you want to know what’s going to happen to Meredith and her baby, and Nic and if her parents will ever accept she’s a lesbian. And you just want to know what will happen in the end. Moreover, the characters are so relatable to that you might think you’re reading about your life. Even if it’s aimed to YA and the characters are in their mid-30s, you’ll still relate. Get a cocktail, or a coffee and dig in! You’ll love it, I promise!

Happy readings, catreaders!

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