Please, make mistakes & learn a language!

Hi, beauties! How are you doing today? So, I really really wanted to talk about this because I feel like it is not talked enough. Being a languages learner myself, I know how stressful it is to actually speak and use the language you’re learning. More importantly, I know how dreadful it feels to speak to someone who is a native of the language you’re learning. But you just have to!

I keep telling my students that they cannot be afraid of making mistakes. They need to make them so they’ll learn. I know, it is easier said than done. I too feel nervous about speaking a new language and making a fool out of myself. But let me stop you right there! We are not and can absolutely not think we are fools. If I speak to someone who is trying to speak to me in my mother tongue or in a language I master, why would I make fun of them? Or even think about it? I feel happy! I feel excited and so proud this person is making an effort! When I first moved to France, it was awful to me thinking about speaking in French. I thought, oh my, I’m a languages teacher, I should learn this in a week! And now, I’m making all these grammar mistakes, and people are thinking I’m such a nul! Well, they don’t! You will feel nervous, you will make mistakes, yes, but please do! Make mistakes and learn that beautiful language you’re trying to master! Keep on going and you’ll feel more and more at ease when using it in your daily life!


Are you learning a language? How do you feel about speaking to natives? Is this also a struggle to you? Let me know in the comments!

Happy mistaking, catreaders!

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