Celebrating S.João in Porto!

Hello, friends! I am bringing you my favourite celebration of all time! It’s S. João! This celebration has to do with celebrating the Saints, which is a must in Portugal. This one in particular is held in Porto, my home town, and it is the happiest, more colourful and beautiful celebration you’ll ever see. This year, I finally spent it with my whole family and I couldn’t be happier. This festival happens every year from the 23rd to the 24th June and we eat barbecued sardines and/or pork, Caldo verde and potatoes. We also release illuminated flame-propelled balloons (even though, that’s illegal now, so we totally did not do it – go to my Instagram for non-photos) and we decorate our houses with the best flower papers or hang paper balls, all with beautifully rich colours! See it for yourself:





The best part for me was that this year, I got to enjoy S. João for the first ever, in my dad’s country house, so we got to enjoy the amazing weather and the ton of space! Then, the tables are set as you wish and in my family there’s usually no fancy Pinterest looking tables, however we all get close and laugh away the whole night.



Excuse me, are you not gonna eat that chouriço? Please hand me the whole plate! (That’s a Super Bock right there! If you haven’t tried it, shame on you!)



Beautiful barbecued meat, the potatoes and THE BEST PART: barbecued bell peppers – oh yes, they’re everything your mouth would ever want! But honestly, this festival is more about being with your family and enjoying your summer time together, even if for only 2 days. And if you love fireworks, you get to enjoy that too, but personally, I just need to be with my family and the rest is easy.


The shower the boy gave my dad (and me!) the second after this photo was taken, was, fortunately, not photographed!



Dressed by H&M, make-up by Ardell and Zoeva, perfume by Adopt.

And see you next year, S. João!







Bye with love, catreaders!

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