Calm, the app you NEED!

Hi, friends! I ended up not posting yesterday because I had completely forgotten I was going to the doctor, and I didn’t have time to finish writing this post! However, I was very excited to share this app with you so I decided I would write about it today!

I found out about this app, called ‘Calm’, probably about 3 months ago and I was using it from time to time to ‘breathe’. Well, I was using it when I felt I needed it to calm me down. It might be strange for you why I would need an app to help me breathe, but anyone with anxiety (or not), when you have a specially difficult period in your life where everything seems to be falling down and you can’t keep balance, use this. I have been using it because I focus on the breathing circles the app gives me, and just by concentrating on them and breathing in, holding, breathing out, holding, and all this all over again, it actually helps me relax. Without even realising it, I am not having a panic attack anymore. This is MY experience. I cannot tell how this will work for any of you, but I know I have some catreaders with the same issues, so I wanted to share something which has made my unbalanced life, a wee bit more tolerable.

If you scroll through the screenshots I took, you’ll see you can create your own account and you have a meditation button, a breathing button and a sleep button. As I said before, the breathing technique was the one I first tried. I, then, tried the meditation options and started ‘7 Days of Calming Anxiety’. This was when I knew I had to share Calm with my friends, with my catreaders. I am not cured. I still have attacks. I still suffer. Yes. Yes. Yes. But I have learnt so many new things about myself. I have learnt about my thoughts, I have learnt to accept my thoughts and coexist with them. I feel better and I feel stronger. And I know, it’s not because my life has changed, because it hasn’t, but I have. I have changed because I’m more educated about my feelings, emotions, thoughts, and most importantly, myself.

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I encourage any of you to give this a try and share your thoughts on it. It might not work for you, you might not learn anything new from this, but I could not know about this potential huge help and not share it with everyone I know. So, please use it and tell me how you feel!

Next week, I will bring you a few questions I made the staff at Calm, to help anyone interested in knowing more about this way of living. And they explain it much better than what I did – of course! So, check my blog next week for more!

Happy Calming, catreaders!

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