SALES! Are you doing it right?

Hey, loves! How are you doing today? So, I decided to start off this week talking about sales! Who doesn’t love spending money on new clothes and shoes? I do! So I have a little trick I use during the sales! Maybe some of you know and do this already, but hopefully I’ll share this with the ones who don’t!

If you need to buy new clothes but your wallet isn’t ready, you need to buy them smartly! During the sales, of course! So, obviously you know if it’s on sale, it’s cheaper, so you should buy clothes then. However, what I don’t see many people doing is buying WINTER clothes during the SUMMER sales! Yes, you read it right. They’re incredibly cheaper and you can find your size, 99% of the times! People go crazy about the sales and the stores are a mess during this time, but also you can never find your size. And if you can, girl, I applaud you!

So, let’s see what’s happening right now at some of my favourite shops! Asos! Asos has 50% off plus 10% with a code! Like this cute playsuit for 14,99€ right now, plus 10% off!

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And now, let’s check the winter clothes:

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Pale pink cardigan, here / Leather jacket, here / White sweater, here

Net-a-porter has 70% off! Check their sweaters and winter jackets! Always a bit pricey, but really worth it during the sales! I loved this one, even if with 70% it’s still 112€.

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I think you get the idea! H&M (60%), Zara, Mango (70%), they all have sales right now! And even though I showed you online stores, the best is really to go to their stores and find what you want there. It really is worth it! I found many cute winter jackets and parkas for 50/60/70% off depending on the store! And comfy, beautiful wool cardigans for a lot cheaper too! Check your local stores, I hope you’ll find good deals! Let me know if you do!

Happy shopping, catreaders!

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