Calm, the app you NEED! Pt 2

Hi, loves! How are you today? It’s almost the weekend, so let’s relax! And here in France, Friday is a public holiday, so HOORAY! Also, it’s a LOT cooler so it’s actually possible to breathe and work! And relax!

Today, as promised, I’m bringing you some extra information on the app Calm that I told you about last week. I decided I needed more specific answers about this, and maybe I wasn’t the best person to write about it, so I asked Calm staff to answer my questions and now, you can read them here!

  • Is this app only for people with anxiety or depression? Calm is for anyone who wants to learn more about mindfulness and meditation, or who is just trying to get a good night’s sleep! Our goal is to make the world a calmer, happier place, and we believe anyone can benefit from the app.

  • I see only great reviews about the app; does Calm and the staff make the experience personal to each user? We use a combination of generally popular features and recommendations based on your personal usage of the app to tailor the experience for each person.

  • If I use Calm every day, will I be able to treat my anxiety and/or depression? From our Terms of Service ( – “Calm is not intended, designed, or implied to diagnose, prevent, or treat any condition or disease, to ascertain the state of your health, or to be a substitute for professional medical care.”


  • What is the psychological approach behind the Sleep Stories? One of the factors behind our stories is recognizing that a slow, low voice goes a long way toward helping people relax! We provide a wide variety of stories and music in the Sleep Stories section so everyone can find something that’s a good fit for them.

  • I love the Mindfulness Tips! How do you decide what to write and what are the most important tips to help people? These are usually based on the most common questions we hear from users! You can submit questions here:

  • How will Calm keep being developed to reach more and more people? We’re constantly growing our library of meditations and stories so that no matter who you are, you can find something in the app that resonates with you. We also experiment with new features, such as the Breathe bubble we introduced late last year.

  • I also love the Calm Classroom Initiative! Being a teacher myself, I know how big of an impact this could have on children. How are you tackling this idea? How are you reaching out to teachers or parents? And is it being successful so far? We’ve had thousands of schools sign up so far! The response has been incredible. So far we’ve been amazed by how quickly news of the initiative has spread just by word-of-mouth!


As I had told you guys, this app has been helping me tremendously in learning more about myself and calming myself down. I really think this could help many others like me, and I really hope you give it a chance, who know if this time, this will work for you! Thank you so much for the love on the other article, I hope you’re enjoying your experience with Calm.

Happy Calming, catreaders!

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