My October goals!

Hello, readers! I haven’t been here these days, I know. I have explained most of it last month (here) but I’m coming back! And I bring tons of new things to talk to you about! Today, because it is the beginning of October, I really want to share my new goals with you! I have talked about this before, but every year I like to have a big list of big goals I want to achieve. On the other hand, I don’t want to be overwhelmed every time I think about reaching them, so every month (and *even* every week) I write down smaller goals I have for the next few weeks.

And for October, they’re as follows:

Get my new home (yey!) in order!

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This is definitely a déjà vu! We’ve moved way too much these last 2 years, but we’ve decided we’ll settled down (at least for a couple of years) and I want to take my time decorating our new home and buying things/furniture we actually love and want to keep!

Meet lovely new people!


Because we move a lot, it’s a lot harder to make new friends and actually keep them. We actually have friends here in this city and I’m thrilled about it! Think about all the lovely dinners and get togethers I’ll be able to throw! I do want to meet new people too! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this one.

Work lots

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Now, again, we moved a lot (and I was in the hospital and recovering for a while) so I do miss working long hours and focus on what I love to do! I also miss the money! Therefore, working a lot more in October is a must! (Christmas is coming, people!)

Visit and explore Metz a little every weekend!

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Metz is the city we’re currently living in! And even though we both know it pretty well, I want to discover all the cool places and amazing views of the city! I decided that I will allocate a little bit of time every weekend to explore and have fun.

Get my blog up and running – posting Mon to Fri! + once a month on Saturdays!

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Right, this is a big goal! However, I really do miss writing and sharing new ideas or life choices with any of you reading this. I have planned some pretty cool things for October here on the blog, and I would love to reach more people! Especially because I will be writing about Type 1 Diabetes every week and I think it is really important for more people to know about it, to actually learn about it.

Go for walks! + Workout often!


With the discovery of my T1D, I’ve been feeling weak and stressed all the time. Also, if you didn’t know, having your glycaemia numbers very high for a long period of time actually makes you very tired. That was me. The fatigue slowly disappears when you start controlling your blood glucose, and I’m feeling more and more active these days. Walking does wonders for my numbers and so I want to go for more walks, even exercise (at home or at the gym) often. When life hits on the face, you feel like you need to enjoy it to the fullest – this is my way of doing that.

Be happy!


Of course I want to always be happy, but sometimes it is easier said than done. I want to enjoy the happy moments and to acknowledge them. It’s a lot easier to complain and feel sorry about yourself when things don’t go well, but I believe it’s a lot more complicated to be happy and feel the happiness when you have it. So, I want to do this. I will make myself aware and enjoy!

What about your goals? Is there something special happening this month in your life? If so, let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy October, catreaders!

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