I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep and not wake up | Diabet’Series

Hi friends!

So, this is not a fun topic to write about. However, I feel like I always need to be honest about what I’m feeling, so that all my readers and close friends really understand what this thing is and how it can make us feel. Imagine yourself having your dinner at 7 o’clock. Great meal, you controlled everything you ate (well, I always have to anyway) and you had your insulin dosage. You feel well, bedtime is near and you’re ready to relax, read a book and get yourself in bed!

The problem comes when you have to measure your glycaemia and it’s low. Low means you don’t have enough sugar in your blood, and the numbers considered low are under 70/75mg/dL. Everyone has it different, and some people feel it going low at 80, some people start feeling it in their 60s. I only feel shaky and light-headed when I have a 65ish, which can be quite scary. Having an hypoglycaemia may lead to coma or worse. So every night, when I fall asleep, I’m always a little scared I won’t wake up. This may seem extreme to you, but it’s not. We are basically 1 unit of insulin away from killing ourselves. And if that doesn’t scare you, it definitely frightens me!

The worst moment I’ve had was one night, I was feeling a bit unwell. I checked, I had a 65. I ate (as we have to), I waited 30 minutes and I checked again. I had a 59. I ate, I waited 30 minutes and I checked again. I had a 54. I ate, I waited 30 minutes and I checked again. I had a 51. I ate, I waited 30 minutes and I checked again. I had an 84. Do you understand this? It took me a bit over 2 hours to get it fixed. At 2 am in the morning! When all you want is to fall asleep, but you can’t! Because if you do, do you even wake up again?


And that’s it for today. Just writing this makes me scared, makes me feel unease for the evening approaching. And that, is a feeling we have *every.single.night*.

Have a good day, catreaders!


  1. Wow. This was crazy to read. My dad just found out that he is diabetic, but it’s still very new and he’s still figuring it all out. It’s very insightful to read how this affects your life. That’s just so scary, but you seem to really have a handle on it. Thank you for sharing this!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! It’s great to be able to share more insight into this quite scary disease! I believe your dad has type 2 though which can be a lot easier to deal with but it’s always difficult emotionally, I reckon. I hope he has it under control. If he needs a little chat, let me know though!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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