Discovering Warszawa! | POLAND

Hello, friends! Today I’m very happy to share with you some photos I took when in Warsaw, Poland! We visited some very cool places and I really wish I could name them all but I really can’t remember! This was back in 2015. Of course we had the best guide ever, one of my best friends in the world! It was beautiful, relaxing, and so much more than I ever thought it would be!

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The views were amazing and I really fell in love with the old town! I don’t know why but old towns always get me! I just find them so interesting to look at and appreciate! Everywhere we looked, there was something important to look at and you really feel some deep emotions and love coming through the city! If you’ve never been, definitely consider visiting it, if not by its beauty, because of its historical importance to our world.

And we also visited the historical museum:

I spent the entire time inside with ‘wows’ and ‘owws’. It was beautiful learning, especially at the time because I was studying the WWII in college. But honestly, one of the places where I felt the most emotional with. There are so many details, you can’t leave untouched.

And we ate a LOT of amazing food!

Warsaw is truly an important landmark in our history; it is impossible not to visit and a shame if you dismiss it. I’ll maybe asked my beautiful friend for a little help with all the best restaurants names and I’ll do an extra post with all of them just for you!

Happy travels, catreaders!

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