BB Cream PURE by Maybelline

Hi y’all! Feeling very country over here! But also, feeling very refreshed and relaxed! It’s Thursday, people! Let the weekend come running in! So, today I need to talk about something I’ve been loving for a few months now.

I had first tried the BB Cream Fresh by Maybelline and that was great (it comes in a pink-ish bottle). When my skin was feeling good and I had only a few breakouts or blemishes, I would only use this during summer. It is light and *fresh* (it really is) and it gives me a nice coverage, pretty much like a tinted moisturiser. Not medium nor full coverage, but again, I would only use it on better skin days!

Then, I discovered the PURE range! Really, how could I have just not looked into that in the first place, I do not know.

It says it is an 8 in 1 beauty balm and it conceals imperfections. It also has SPF, which I know for some people is a downside because of the product’s texture. However, I really enjoy it and I have to it really does cover up imperfections. It feels like magic! You put it on, the skin absorbs the product and then as per magic, it really unifies your skin tone and blemishes. As I said before, it is a light coverage, but it has been working really well for me on my day-to-day activities.
The thing we REALLY need to discuss is the fact that it has salicylic acid! This is an ingredient commonly used to clear out acne and redness. I have noticed a big difference on my skin from when I started using it to a few days of use. It pulled out all my problems and then it cleared my skin. Yes, you will have a few days of crappy skin but it is only because it’s working. I love the smell too. It smells like proper cleanser or an acne-fighting product, which makes me trust it even more.
Alright, so I’ve talked through this beautiful product, so why did I just insert a photo of the L’oréal True Match foundation? Well, this has been one of my favourites too! I’m really picky when it comes to foundation and I rarely change it, but this got me. I used it in summer and it gave a very healthy glow, the texture feels nice on your skin and you don’t feel like you’re using any foundation. However, it has a dewy finish, so if you’re looking into a ‘non-oily-looking-skin’, maybe don’t go for this one. As I said, I used it in summer so, no. 1 it made me look a bit tanned, and no. 2 I like the dewy, natural look in summer time.

So there you go! The BB cream has been my trusted friend for some time now, and I really don’t bother using anything else during the week. If I have something I need to attend or date night, I will put in a little more effort and add more coverage with another foundation, but so far, I’m very impressed with this one on its own!

What about your most loved foundation or BB/CC cream? Do you always go for a matte look or full coverage? Let me know in the comments! And definitely give this a go if you’re looking for something new to try on!

Happy BBcreaming, catreaders!

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