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Hi, beauties! How are you all doing today? Autumn is here, soon winter will too, so we all need something to do with our friends and family that does not involve being outdoors. Well, at least I prefer being inside and cosy around this time of the year! And I never really had this tradition, but in my boyfriend’s family it is super common to have dinner and then get the board games and play for hours. I have to admit that I love it! It’s fun, we talk for hours and we mostly laugh! It’s perfect for cold winter nights!

So I decided to create a little list of my favourites ones and maybe introduce some new cool games to you!

Cards Against Humanity

So, my sister introduced me to this game. She told me SO much about it, that I had to buy it for us at home. I bought the French version so that L and me could play with his family too and I promise you, we laughed our a$$es off for hours! It was ridiculously good! You have black cards with sentences that you have to fill in. Then, everyone has white cards with answers and they can choose in between their cards, the one they think is the funniest answer/part to complete the main sentence. Example in the photo below! Seriously, just get the game, play with your friends (some cards are too nasty and will make you blush next to your in-laws!) and have the laughs all night long!


Money Drop

Ok, if you don’t know Money Drop, where have you been hiding? This is a game first used on TV and it’s basically a Q&A culture-wise game. You have an amount of money in the beginning, you choose between two topics and then have to answer to a question related to the topic you’ve chosen. You have multiple answers (4 to be exact) and if you’re not sure what the correct answer is, you can divide your money in between the options. Whichever answers are incorrect, the money placed on them, will drop. Yep! So you lose it, and trust me, you can lose it fast! I’ve watched the show every night for a long time (both in Portugal and France) and of course, I LOVE it! So the board version of this game speaks right into my heart and it’s fabulous! (You don’t get real money though… so, maybe it loses a little bit of the interest, but it is still cool!)



I have to admit, I only got to know this one last month for L’s birthday! He got it as a birthday gift! I was really excited for this! You have all these puzzle pieces and in your turn you get one and have to use it in the best way to continue the map. Then you also have little , that you use to claim territory over a ‘village’ or a ‘road’ or a ‘church’ (images present on the map). It’s so difficult to explain this game but once you’ve gone over the rules – it took us 20 minutes to learn them! – you’ll have fun! And it takes about 45 minutes, so it’s also time well spent with your friends or family!



I think this picture explains the game for itself! Match colours, you earn points, blah blah blah. It is good fun and an easy game to play! Little ones are allowed too!



Oh my god! I absolutely LOVE this game! I’ve known it since I was 10/12 years old, and I’ve been obsessed ever since! And no, this list is not in order of preference, by any means, I just wrote down the ones I could remember. So, Abalone comes last but it is definitely one of my favourites! The goal is to push your opponent’s balls out of the hexagon and you can use one, two or three balls at the same time to push the others in any direction (only one ball can be pushed out at a time though!) It’s about strategy and some luck and L and I love playing it after dinner! Give it a go!


What are your favourite board games? And which ones of these will you be trying? Let me know in the comments!

Happy gaming, catreaders!

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  1. All of these sound really cool, and I reckon I’ll be giving these some of these ago now the weather is getting colder and there’s not much to do outside!

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